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Published on Jul 2, 2013
Today, July 2 2013 at 2:00 PM EST the RCMP, Canada’s federal police, held a press conference much in the manner of Eric Holder in terms of it being more to deny information than to grant it.
In the actual press conference, it was revealed that two people with very ordinary Canadian names attempted to kill and maim many people with pressure cooker bombs inspired by an “Al-Qaeda ideology”
More interesting was the Q&A where desperate reporters attempted to get the one piece of information that actually matters and the one they were consistently denied. The question of ideology or motive for the attempted attack.
Since this press conference, it was revealed that both suspects are converts to Islam. Quelle surprise.

H/T: My buddy Vlad

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  1. “It’s very complex… sometimes individuals self-radicalize”.

    Cowards. Covering their own a**es, they would surrender our whole society and do anything to keep everyone asleep.

    Our institutions are afraid to name the cause – Islamic jihad against the infidels as demanded in the Koran. Harper spelled it out in an interview last year – wonder why it’s never been repeated, since it needs to be repeated loud and clear until not only the public knows, but our institutions.

    Otherwise we have unconditionally surrendered to the jihad, in the name of our ultra-tolerance and fear of making judgments lest someone is offended. We are beaten dogs.

  2. Political Correctness (a form of Marxism) is contributing to the downfall of the West. The sickening denial to speak the truth by the no balls political class, least they be accused of racism or worse Islamaphobia, cannot be hidden from we the enlightened.

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