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latest developments from egypt 1.7.2013

  • 5:50 pm Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour: Mursi’s resignation will spare Egypt more bloodshed
  • 5:30 pm Mursi meets armed forces chief Sissi and prime minister
  • 5:25 pm Egypt environment minister says his resignation not rejected but postponed
  •  5:24 pm Media: Army rejects U.S. proposal to keep Mursi “symbolic” president
  • 5:18 Al Arabiya: Mursi and PM reject resignation requests of 10 ministers
  •  5:10 pm Egypt’s Salafi Nour Party fears army return to politics
  • 4:43 pm U.S. says it is reviewing Egypt’s army statement, adding that it won’t speculate on what is going to happen in the next 48 hours

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