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Anti-gov’t protestors ransack Muslim Brotherhood HQ

Muslim Brotherhood vows retaliation after HQ ransacked 

Snowden can stay in Russia if he stops damaging USA

EDL Buck: (From Caroline Glicks’ fb page) Caroline Glick:

My friend, Latma’s actress Ronit Avramov-Shapira and her family were stoned last night when they were driving through Samaria. She and her two year old daughter were injured — lightly, thank G-d — by broken glass. Her husband saw the rocks on the ground and had the presence of mind to warn her to protect their daughter just before Palestinian terrorists hurled a rock the size of a grapefruit through her window. It was a murder attempt. It wasn’t reported. After all, who cares about stone throwing? If you don’t feel like throwing up or breaking something upon reading this, there is something deeply wrong with you. If you don’t feel like throwing up or breaking something upon reading this, then, welcome to the majority of the global elite. Pat yourself on the back. You are a true progressive. Oh, and go to hell.

More pupils speaking English as a second language 

Police treat dumped pig heads at Muslim family’s Bradford home as a hate crime 

Egypt army gives Mursi 48 hours to share power 

Islamic Relief UK launches War on Hunger campaign in Bradford (What about us infidels?) 

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  1. OH Bummer will never spare boots on the ground to help Chrispos mate, he thinks he wins when the world is fucked, besides he is a tard

  2. That and the cunt wants to fuck up America permanently, just look at his domestic spending

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