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It ended up costing him his own life.
Here’s the maroon slamming Israel in a vid for his jihadi pals.

Andy explains the deadly meme that’s costing us time, resources and most importantly, lives.

UPDATE: Andy has more here:

bostom young jewish mans arab spring delusion 1.7.2013

Andrew Pochter, then a recent alumnus of the State Department’s National Security Language for Youth Program, published a report June 8, 2011 for Al Arabiya on his impressions of the Arab Spring uprisings in Morocco. Entitled, “The Acquisition of Reality,” the callow Mr. Pochter lauded Moroccan despot King Muhammad VI’s release of 90 imprisoned jihadists (arbitrarily designated “Islamists” and “Sahrawis,” i.e., the latter being “nationalists” cum jihadists), while lamenting,

This seems to be a good start, though it is important to keep in mind that over 100 political prisoners still remain behind bars.

Just two years later, the well-intentioned, if naïve Pochter’s tragic delusions about the ugly reality of the Orwellian-named Arab spring were shattered, instantaneously, by lethal violence. While photographing demonstrations in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria this past Friday (6/28/13), near an office of thejihadist Muslim Brotherhood, Pochter was stabbed, and suffered a fatal chest wound.

Veteran international journalist Jon Williams tweeted that, as per unnamed “intelligence sources,” Pochter’s assailant questioned the young man whether he were an American, before plunging a knife into the victim’s chest. If Williams’account is confirmed, this would mark the second time in two months that an American was targeted for stabbing in Egypt. On Thursday, May 12, 2013, Chris Stone, an Associate Professor of Arabic, and Director of the Arabic Program at The City University of New York was stabbed in the neck outside the US embassy’s Cairo headquarters. Stone’s attacker, Kafr El-Sheikh, was motivatedby his professed hatred of the US, and Americans.  Stone survived the attack, but as Al-Ahram reported, the knife lodged in his neck had to be removed by a surgical operation. Ironically, Stone, who had penned anti-Israel vitriol, andsupported demands that the New York Police Department terminate itslegitimate (and successful) anti-jihad terror surveillance activities, was recently appointed head of the Center for Arabic Study Abroad by the American University in Cairo, and, as Al-Ahram highlighted, “praised for his pro-Palestine views  and his interest in Arab culture.”

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  1. “Elizabeth Pochter added, according to a statement by Kenyon College, that her Jewish son,

    …was a person who didn’t see the world as separate nations, but a collection of vibrant cultures.”

    Oh my Golly (!) How very neo-Hippie (!)

    I can imagine Andrew Pochter must have thought to himself, “Seeing as I am radiating idealism from my every pore, I can be none other than untouchable wherever I roam.”

    Stupid is as stupid does. That’s what you get when you want to wear an invisible halo.

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