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Shot fired across bow, got that ”Johnnie boy” Boehner?

Dumping the Karl Roves, The Bushes, McRinos and Ghramnesties would be the best for the GOP, but if they hold on like a tick to a dog’s ear, then you’re going to hear many say, ”I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.”

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I think there will be a lot of us who start saying ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in a one or the other private majority parties that rule in our nation, either a Democrat or a Republican.’ Remember these are private parties, and you know, no one forces us to be enlisted in either party.”

Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Party [VIDEO]

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president responded to a Fox News Channel viewer’s Twitter question Saturday about the possibility of her and conservative talker Mark Levin abandoning the Republican Party and creating something called the “Freedom Party.”

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  1. As I watch appalled at what has happened to the USA in the last dozen years – how the GOP flailed like a bull in a china shop, and now two terms of an Islamist-friendly regime completely dominating a divided and cowardly RINO party, the prospect of a grassroots third party reflecting what I hope are still core values in the USA looks to me the only real way that country will pull itself out of its tailspin. Go Sarah!

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