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A sad day for the UK.


This is what happens when a country is cowered into submission by Islam. The decision to refuse these two entry smacks free speech and rule of law in the face, while giving fundamentalist Muslims and there supporters a big boost in confidence.

Robert Spencer gives the details here, Pamela here.


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  1. Utterly shameful & unacceptable.
    To put these two people in the terrorist category leaves me fuming !

  2. In my opinion, this is not an independent government. The UK government is on the leash of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I bet there are politicians’ business interests at stake here. And then there’s also Al Jazeera US. No coincidence, I think. Also consider:

    Why else have both the US and UK decided to do a U-turn and sell weapons to salafis in Syria ?

  3. The US, UK, and many other EU governments are infested with the lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam. This combined political class have prostituted themselves to the politically correct leftist crowd. It is no secret that the $audi$ practically ‘own’ DC via the horde of influence peddling lobbyists that infest our nations capitol. Many of our ‘esteemed’ and ‘honorable’ representatives, Senators and appointed officials are routinely wined, dined, and pocket lined for their ‘friendship’ and assistance .

  4. These people are honourable and we in the UK have a right to hear their views. I am sick to my stomach that Robert Spencer and Pamela are not allowed in but repugnant sewer rats like Anjem Choudary can get on their soap boxes and tell us all that Islam will be taking us over very soon, and the Queen will be deposed so the palace can be used as a mosque.
    I am ashamed Robert and Pamela , and on behalf of this spineless government let me please offer you my apologies.

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