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Nigeria outshines Europe.

The EU is built of moral cowards and steel fisted totalitarians. I need to correct the Nigerians a bit, seeing that they parrot the weak-in-the-knees Eurotopians, the entire organization of Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, you can’t divide it into this or that part to make it more palatable, it’s a complete package of thuggish terrorists. Using that same logic we should take to name the French military ”the armed wing of the French government”.

nigeria charges three heznazis for terrorism 26.6.2013

Nigeria’s military said in May that the weapons were to be used in attacks on American and Israeli targets.

Osagie said, “We have proofs that the applicants belong to the military wing of Hezbollah which is a terrorist organization and in the coming days, this country will know more about them.”

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