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Sounds like criminal collusion to me.

But first from BadNewsFromTheNetherlands:

An entire class of final exam candidates at the Muslim High School Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam knew about the theft of final exams. The figure now is that in total at that school, 27 types of exams were stolen, copied and sold, also to students in other towns. Twenty students from the school have already admitted that they committed fraud. A judicial investigation of the largest exam fraud in Dutch history is underway. Eight students have so far been arrested, mainly from that school.

Entire Class Knew about Theft of Exams

rotten in rotterdam students steal exam 26.6.2013

The lawyer of the Inspectorate of Education announced earlier this week that 20 young people from the Ibn Ghaldounschool called voluntary disclosure scheme have signed. Thus they have admitted the fraud. It is mainly about VWO students. Six students from pre-university class of Ibn Ghaldoun were arrested. In response director Bart Renders of Ibn Ghaldoun said Thursday that he has spoken when he heard that all VWO students knew about the theft. entire class Currently there is a judicial investigation into the most comprehensive examination fraud ever in the Netherlands. So far, a total of eight suspects, mainly students of the school, was arrested. 

All graduating students who have seen pre-exams could report to the management of the school. In this way they got the chance to do the exam. Again However, they are not automatically immune from criminal investigation.If afterwards prove that someone has committed fraud, right then that student lose his or her diploma. Fraud came the night before the final exam in the first period to light.

More here in Dutch.

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  1. If Muslims need to cheat to gain qualifications then my advice to all employers would be to never, ever employ any Muslim whatsoever if you can help it, and if you have to employ a Muslim give them the most unskilled lowest paid job that you can.

  2. So why is this being allowed to happen?
    It is encouraging that so many websites are in opposition to Islam. And yet we keep importing Muslims, 4 million+ in the UK, 5 million+ in Germany, 7 million+ in France and millions other places in Europe, and the Muslim population grows twice as fast as other populations.
    There are an enormous number of Islamic websites and to judge by the comments on these pages there is definitely no possibility of mutual understanding and they all seem dedicated to the spread of Islam.
    The followers of Islam murder their opponents and are permitted by their faith to do so.
    Islam defines women as the property of men.
    Every Muslim is required to fight for the cause.
    Islam is spreading and the numbers of Muslims are increasing.
    All non-Muslims are considered inferior to Muslims and unclean.
    Every Muslim has the right to mistreat non-Muslims in order to force those non-Muslims to realise that Islam is the true path.
    The goal of Islam is global domination.( Which would sound like a lunatic statement on my part if it were not true).
    Deceiving infidels is considered a virtue.
    Non-Muslims are required to pay tax to Muslims.
    Islam is always to be presented as The Religion of Peace. (Most Muslims actually believe this to be true).
    The followers of Islam consider themselves to be the victims of our aggression and the reaction of any Muslim, however brutal, is considered justifiable retaliation.

    There we have it then, an absolutely ruthless, brutal, self-righteous and utterly uncompromising opponent. That can only be opposed with an equally ruthless brutality that none are willing to employ.

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