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With bloodied El Koran in lap

Sometimes pictures do indeed speak a thousand words.



No sign of sadness or remorse: Muslim convert Gilberto Garcia Chavez, 43 years old, slaughtered his mother Naomi Chavez Garcia, 63 years old, and stepfather Jacinto Aurelio Vargas, 65, because “Allah told me to.”

A man deranged, apparently a religious fanatic and follower of Islam, coldly slaughtered his elderly parents in the colony Pakalkin of this city, after he received God’s command to kill them, which made him wildly attack them with a knife.

The bloody events took place after 9:00 pm yesterday, in a house that is located on the street Bonampak, Kin Pakal colony, when neighbors called the emergency number 066 to report the assault, after witnessing how the demoniac subject grabbed the back of the elderly woman while she was trying to escape to the street and then cut her throat with a knife. He then took her limp body and drag it to the house, where he left it by the body of the stepfather.

More here. H/T: Zemira Eli Natan

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  1. This is getting far too frequent where converts to Islam are attacking their own family. It doesn’t seem to happen with other religions. I have never heard of any born-again Christian going loopy on his mother.
    It just shows that Islam is something else, and I mean something else!
    I think that engrossing oneself too deeply into the Koran automatically brings about some sort of demonic possession. I cannot think of any other explanation.
    It also shows what many of us have thought all along, that Islam is not just a crazy, vicious, and twisted ideology, it truly is authored by none other than Satan himself!

  2. This is just all too common and a typical mode of living the faith subscribed to in islam. How much more of this do you have to hear about before labeling this belief system as ‘barbaric’?

  3. Wow, my comment is ‘awaiting moderation’. Evidently using islam and barbaric in the same sentence is somehow ‘bad’…

    1. Don’t be cocky, all new commentors have to have their first comment approved. for sake if spam and content.

  4. Allah is NOT God. I just hate it when they translate Allah as God. God had nothing to do with this travesty. Allah and this sorry excuse for a human being deserve all of the blame.

  5. Of course you have…Andrea Yates! She said that God told her to murder all of her young children. She was a professed Christian. The problem in this case is not Islam or religion…the problem is people possessed by the devil! Horrific things like this will continue to happen in all religions as we near the end of days. Christ is coming soon and the winds of strife are strengthening. Now is the time to search the Scriptures diligently and secure that life saving relationship with the Heavenly Father! or

    1. The problem is with grown human beings believing in demons, devils, gods, talking snakes, talking donkeys, magic and sorcery.

      The human race needs to get beyond superstition.

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