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McDonalds removes halal chicken McNuggets and McChicken sandwich after settling lawsuit over claims that they didn’t always follow the religious procedures



An unlicensed taxi driver was jailed for raping a passenger in his car nearly one decade after being cleared of an almost identical attack. Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch

Female genital mutilation victim was ‘aged just seven’ 

Egypt’s presidency: military won’t step in

French marines held over anti-terror probe 

Sunni vs Shia… in Gerrard’s Cross: New mosque highlights growing tensions among British Muslims 

Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’

Information regarding #Woolwich Strong #edl #nwi #leerigby

Postal worker guilty of terror offences 

Belgian Defence League Leader Attacked By Muslim Gang Of 10

Police hunt attackers who steal man’s car in Heckmondwike

Bulgaria reveals to the EU new evidence on Hezbollah terrorist link 

Organisers of Burnley anti-Islam march face bill from police

The Islamic Rape of the U K

U.N. says Pakistan has food “emergency”, but donors look elsewhere 

NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows

Comedian Stewart Accused of Making Fun of Koran With ’40 Years in the Desert’ Joke (VIDEO) 

Russia Offers Iran Alternative to S-300 Missile System

(BCF) Christine Williams – A Day Of Mourning For Persecuted People In Islamic Reg 

Belgian Jew attacked after placing mezuzah on door frame

Illegal immigrants who commit crimes face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens 

Jewish Patrol Group Shomrim Offers Protection To Mosques Amid Rise In Hate Attacks  (facepalm)

Obama’s Libyan War Feeds Guns into Al Qaeda’s Syrian War 
Afghanistan presidential palace attacked in Kabul 

IED threat to Britain as fanatic Anjem Choudary recruits vigilante squads


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