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  1. This is funny stuff, really. You wouldn’t expect people like Anjem Choudary or Omar Bakri to waffle so excessively, seeing as they are Salafis. The guy’s bending over backwards to appropriate the PC MC rhetoric of infidel liberals to suit the purpose of hiding behind taqqiyya to dispel what Robert has said, and consequently has himself painted into a corner, not being able to try and wriggle his way out off it than by laying all expertise on Islam’s doctrine at Robert’s doorstep ?

    That’s probably the first time ever I’ve heard such a hilarious thing. Surely, the guy’s not suggesting that you don’t have to be a mullah or an imam to interpret the Quran correctly ? Or could it be that the main precepts of Islam are so crude and simplistic deep down, that just about anyone could interpret it correctly if only he took the necessary time to scrutinize it for a while ?

    It seems to me that this is an admission of guilt in a sense: When Robert is correct, then by extension Wilders’ Fitna is correct, Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be correct, Bill Warner would be correct, Andrew Bostom would be correct, Walid Shoebat would be correct,…and so on.

    All hail to ayatollah Spencer, we bow humbly before you (!) 😀

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