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Not to worry, he says he’s not ‘bloodthirsty nor an extremist’.

Jordanian newspaper: “Let’s kill the Jews everywhere”

batayanaThis article, by Dr. Muhammad Qasem Batayena writing in Jordanian newspaper Assawsana. is the worst one I have ever read. And that’s saying something.

Batayena is apparently a Ba’athist, and in other articles he writes of his support for the Assad regime and he refers to Saddam Hussein as a “martyr.” Even so, as you will see, he will happily use Koranic references as well.

The title of the piece is “Let’s Kill the Jews Everywhere.”

Read it here at the Elder of Ziyon’s place.

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  1. Jordanian Non-extremist writer: I’m not an extremist, nor racist… I’m not bloodthirsty and not vengeful… I’m not a terrorist and I’ve never been a killer… All my life I hated the color red, and my dictionary never included the word “blood”… I am not bloodthirsty at all… but I’m an oppressed Muslim and an Arab whose will has been taken away from him… that is how we were shaped in (these) bad times, which we haven’t chosen (to be born into)… this is how it was planned that we should be… we are living in volcanic lands… We smell the smell of blood coming from every direction… they [presumably the Jews] turned the color of the ground into red… our people’s body parts were scattered and their factions fought each other (literally “shot at each other”) through Arab-like Hebrew hands [“musta’ariba”, see Wikipedia for analog Mista-arvim]… and because I look at all these things without doing a thing – for that I’m an Arab.

    I actually have some sympathy for him. Since 9/11 the USA and its Western allies have created total chaos in the Islamic world, using good sounding principles, such as freedom and democracy. Islamic nations are in turmoil. Even once friendly leaders such as Mubarak, have been overthrown, and replaced with chaos.

    The deaths and casualties are in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, if not more. Economies, what there were, are broken. Food shortages and even famine is around the corner. Drones are flying around over Islamic countries and they can do nowt about it. They cant even complain too loudly. These are the wages of 9/11, and there is more to come.

    The forces of the West are geared to destroy nations, and not hunt lone terrorists, and that is what is occurring before our eyes. The West, particularly the US, UK and its Anglo allies, have never been content to defeat an enemy militarily. This war will continue till the ideological basis of the enemy is destroyed. In this policy they have a basis – Islam is based on victory and conquest. Continuous defeats and subjugation destroys its reason to exist

    So this writer blames the Jews. Who else can he blame? If he shouts too loudly against the USA, Jordanian security services will pick him up. The Jordanian royalty knows that its existence rests on the goodwill of the US. If that is withdrawn, the Saudis would love to finish off the rightful custodians of Mecca.

  2. Passing exams doesn’t prove intelligence, only problem solving does – this excuse of a man is so full of hate he’s made himself retarded.

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