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This spells the end to the Republican party and American revival.

The then president, Ronald Reagan, passed a similar bill that promised much but delivered little in the way of ending the flood across the border by illegals. He was lied to, the facts are there for GOP’ers to learn from, but they appear to be stuck on stupid so there is little I can say or do to change any course.

NOTE: This is a real boondoggle of a bill, something of which a radical president like Obama will pick and choose exactly what parts to implement and (the constraints) what parts to ignore. In an era of complete lawlessness, yet another bill will do nothing to rid the U.S. from illegal migration, this bill is just one more nail into the U.S. coffin.



CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Senate has begun debate on the proposed immigration reform bill. If this bill becomes law, there is one likely outcome for low-skilled West Virginia workers: Disaster.

The assurances of the bill’s proponents that the bill will somehow help the economy obscure copious evidence that the bill will wreak enormous damage to the employment prospects of American workers who have already seen their wages and employment rates plummet over the last several years.

Indeed, it is no secret that the employment picture for low-skilled workers is abysmal. The national unemployment rate has been above 7.5 percent for more than four years and millions have dropped out of the workforce entirely. Among those without a high school diploma, the unemployment rate in May reached 11.1 percent, and for blacks without a high school diploma, it is more than 24 percent. The labor-force participation rate is at historic lows and long-term unemployment is the worst since the Great Depression. The workweek is shrinking, as well as wage rates. Barely one in two adult black males has a full-time job. A record 47 million people are on food stamps.

The immigration reform bill has the potential to make things even worse. Not only will the bill grant amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, it will act as a magnet for future illegal immigration and substantially increase the number of legal immigrants. It is conservatively estimated that the bill will result in 30 million to 33 million additional immigrants over the next 10 years.

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