What he’s saying is long live Ayatollah Khomenie’s Islamic revolution, and a return to basic Islam 101 (shiite version that is).

You have six ‘officially approved’ candidates, so the people pick the presumed lesser of all evils, though he would never be taken seriously as a candidate in the West. Moderate? No such thing in Islam, in either Shiitville  or Sunniville.

NOTE: al-CNN is a major joke of a news outlet.

Hassan Rouhani is Iran’s next president after appealing to tradition, reform

By Shirzad Bozorgmehr and Michael Martinez, CNN
updated 8:00 PM EDT, Sat June 15, 2013
iran new pres 16.6.2013

Rouhani spoke of reforms without threatening Iran’s supreme leader or its institutions, of which he is product. The former national security council chief promised an environment with greater personal freedoms and even indicated he would free political prisoners and jailed journalists.

In his campaigning, Rouhani also pledged to improve the economy and unemployment, and as a former nuclear negotiator, he said he would reduce the high tension between Iran and the outside world by addressing sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program.

Young and old Iranians continued their celebration of his victory as Saturday became the early minutes of Sunday. They honked horns and flashed victory signs with their fingers.

More here at al-CNN

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