It’s virtually that, a rigged forum stacked up against him, and any other person who stands against Islam 101, and for rule of one set of laws for all. That is the reality of the powers that be, not interested in real debate, just a forum to try, tar and feather those who point out inconvenient truths. Kudos to the man for daring to show up at such a one sided affair.

Via Sheik Yer’Mami:

No “moderate Muslims” to see here, these people are driven by a mental baggage that will destroy anything in its wake.
False accusations, name calling, shouting down valid arguments: you can see it all in this vid. Every criticism, any attempt to tell the truth about Islam makes one a ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobe’.

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  1. Truly a den of lions. Did you notice all the sheep! They’re next, as they clap for the executioners. England, England, so far gone. I wish Tommy and his family would come to America as refugees but I am sure the State Dept and Obama would block it. Did you know that the State Dept Bureau of Population, Refugees and Asylum and the HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement have a combined budget this year of $3 billion to dump 120,000 refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied child, Iraq and Afghanistan ‘helpers’, Haitians and Cubans. It’s true. And the overwhelming majority of those will be 3rd world Muslims and some of the most violent people in the world. Up to 30,000 Congolese this year alone, over 50,000 Muslms from Africa, Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, it is incredible and shocking. All get guaranteed citizenship paid by the govt (all fees), instant full entitlements forever, no self sufficiency requirement. It’s a gold mine! Cubans and haitans, though not refugees, get refugee rights. Congress made them special to buy votes – hey it’s other people’s money, your money! LOL

    To read more, if you can take it just google ‘refugee resettlement watch’.

  2. I watched the video on YouTube as it stalled on TT. Over at YouTube they titled this program as a Part of the FreeSpeech “debate”.

    The video illustrates this programme’s ”debate” as one side consisting of four (muslim or pro-Islam) panel members seated prominently on a stage and given unlimited opportunity to speak -unchallenged by either the host or audience. The opposing side consisted of one individual, Tommy Robinson, seated within the audience, persistently challenged by biased and loaded questions from the host who interrupted non-stop – an audience which was clearly stacked against Tommy and the EDL (as well as any other argument against multiculturalism).

    The only argument the host and his audience had/used was “racism” without providing any specific legitimate account against Tommy or the EDL to back it up.

    The video ends with Akala mentioning

    ‘when there were slave catchers in the streets they had far more allies in working class parts of England’

    and then progressed to the identity of a prisoner named ‘Christopher Odder’ (spelling??) who died in 1999 under police custody (long before EDL or Tommy Robinson’s nic existed). The audience lapped this utterly unrelated death up and immediately tacked it to the EDL’s purported inherent ‘racism’.
    It appears appropriate to insert that famous Santayana quote here:

    “Those who refuse to history are condemned to repeat it. “

    as it appears Akala may wish to revisit his history books for better contextual comprehension. Tommy Robinson and the EDL are the modern day version of the ‘working class allies’ working to put an end the slavery/grooming gangs operating unfettered on the streets of the UK for more than a decade because of the real ‘racism’ of the authorities who were afraid to address/offend the modern day slavers/muslims until recently (as a result of EDL’s unavoidable vocal protests).

    Perhaps this show is considered ‘entertainment’ for the uneducated – because it certainly does not qualify as what any rational person would consider a ”debate”.

  3. Apologies for the incomplete paraphrasing of theSantayana quote above, but hopefully the gist was apparent.

    As for the Guardian, Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades posted the following:

    “Finally, with respect to the NSA scandals, the Guardian has finally joined WaPo and admitted that its original reporting on the scope of PRISM was flawed. To read the grudging, passive-aggressive admission, though, you’d have to make it all the way to the 18th paragraph here.

    The Guardian understands that the NSA approached those companies and asked them to enable a “dropbox” system whereby legally requested data could be copied from their own server out to an NSA-owned system. That has allowed the companies to deny that there is “direct or indirect” NSA access, to deny that there is a “back door” to their systems, and that they only comply with “legal” requests – while not explaining the scope of that access.”

  4. The audience is stacked against him.

    The lady never answers him when asked what he’s said that’s racist.

    Any normal host would press her on that, if a lefty was accused of something so serious.

    Britain is seriously fucked (pardon my language but it’s true).

  5. The more I hear from Tommy the more impressed I am. If western civilization continues, I believe he will be written up in the history books.

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