Which serves to highlight another issue……

Interesting. Exactly where does Rachel Avraham (with whom I’m in agreement) stand with the Jewish Press’ decision to throw their lot in with the likes of Sinem Tezyapar and the Islamic cult she belongs to, of Adnan Oktar, who shills for the Erdogan government? Cultist shills for Erdogan heaped with kudos at the Jewish Preass…while the reality of Erdogan’s Islamo-paradise is properly dissected and debunked. The JP can’t have it both ways.

H/T: Lisa Michelle: Who clearly states the case as well:

The hypocrisy here is stunning. On the one hand, The Jewish Press and the author here, Rachel Avraham of United with Israel, describe the hostility that Erdogan has incited against Jews, who have come under attack and been blamed for the recent protests in Turkey. On the other hand, they promote on their sites the writings of so-called Turkish “peace activists” such as Ms. Sinem Tezyapar, who condone and support Erdogan’s recent actions and rule, call the protesters “communists,” and promote a Turkish Islamic union and a Fatah-Hamas one as well. These so-called “peace activists” have contributed numerous opinion pieces to both The Jewish Press and United with Israel. Of course, their agenda of a Turkish Islamic union, a new Ottoman Empire, would obliterate Israel’s sovereignty, essentially wiping it off the map, which would reduce Jews to dhimmitude status or worse. Can you please tell your readers, Ms. Avraham, how you reconcile these two diametrically conflicting positions and whose side you’re on?

turkish israelis protest against erdogan 11.6.2013

Turkey in the direction of Iran, by forbidding people from showing affection in public and restricting alcohol consumption.

Peretz also claims that the atmosphere Erdogan created within Turkey is very problematic for Jews. He explained, “You don’t see a future for your child. If you are old, you will die in Turkey. When you are a young person with a small child, you think, do I want my children to be raised in an Islamist state? You will say no. You are doing it for the future, not the present. You don’t see the future. You don’t see your children raised in an Islamist state. The community is becoming smaller and smaller; they don’t want their children to marry Muslims and they are coming to Israel. I think Turkey loses from that.”

Sivan Tfillin of the leader of the Kemalist Charshi Movement in Israel concurred that Erdogan’s government has been bad for Jews, claiming, “Erdogan is the one who ruined the friendship between Israel and Turkey. Israeli people are now scared to go to Turkey because of Erdogan. By the way, there are a lot of Muslims in Turkey that are convinced that Israel is a bad country because of the media. A lot of people that get to know me say Israelis hate Turks. […] Turkey is a really good friend of Israel and we shouldn’t let Erdogan ruin the friendship.”


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