There used to be a time when one just hunkered down, stoically enduring some discomfort, for the moment, then continue on. Now it seems as if they neutered men of Sweden can’t wait to try ‘skirting’ discomfort any way they can, if includes wearing a skirt, then so be it.

NOTE: Then they wonder why misogynist Muslims are having such great successes with their women (outside of raping them of course).

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swede men in skirts

Male train drivers in Stockholm wear skirts to keep cool after shorts ban

  • Train drivers’ uniforms banned shorts, only allowing trousers and skirts
  • So a dozen male drivers at Stockholm train company went for the skirts
  • Company Arriva says as long as they stick to the uniforms, they are fine


PUBLISHED: 00:50 GMT, 9 June 2013 | UPDATED: 00:50 GMT, 9 June 2013

Male train drivers in Sweden have found a novel way to work around a shorts ban during the summer months – by wearing skirts.

Drivers on the Roslagsbanan line north of Stockholm are required to wear long trousers or skirts to work and shorts are not allowed.

As a result, a dozen workers have been working in skirts to keep cool during the summer months when temperatures in their cabins can hit 35 degrees.

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7 Responses

  1. Rofl …. what kind of idiots come up with that kind of solutions?

  2. @Santor: Pussified, politically correct cowards come up with these ‘solutions’

    “their employer banned them from wearing shorts.”
    “If the man only wants [to wear] a skirt then that is OK. To tell them to do something else would be discrimination.”

    You can see the blatant hypocrisy and double standards enforced by these cowardly liberals. Why do we keep electing these limp-wristed panderers?

  3. In the context of this issue it’s a shame to see what the world is coming to.. with that said, I’m Scottish and we wear kilts… call it a skirt and see what happens to you 😉

  4. Modern kilts ARE skirts M2D.
    Who cares what people wear anyway? There are several cultures around the world where men wear skirts and skirt-like clothing.

    And to quote from another user:
    It’s abominable how people can be so seriously in error when they’re convinced they’re right. Men in skirts is not cross-dressing and never was! Neither is women in pants! Neither sex can claim monopoly use of either style! In AD393 Rome exiled men in pants and confiscated their property. One of the Roman terms for pants was “FEMINALIA.” In 867AD the Bulgarians asked the Pope if they could be Christians, even though they wore pants! “Pants” comes from Pantalone, the top CLOWN of the medieval Italian Comedy of the Arts. Trousers are equestrian in origin, primarily; and secondarily, arctic. But can men be men even though they don’t ride horseback, and don’t live in a perpetual cold area? Of course. The Greek army still has a unit of men in pleated skirts, the Evzones. Cops in Fiji wear skirts, as do Dervishes in Egypt (“Tanoura,” which means SKIRT, worn by MEN as MEN, not as female impersonators), Bhutanese dancers and many others. Men abandoned skirts, except for certain ethnic examples, after many centuries of horseback riding and the horseback garment, PANTS! Women only started wearing pants due to factory work in World War II, but were smarter than men in that they did not give up skirts! FORGET psychiatry and its hopelessly faulty terminology of “cross-dressing” and “transvestism,” unless you’re gonna limit it exclusively to men in bras and women in athletic supporters. Polish-American Bill Kazmaier wore a kilt, and turned over a full sized automobile—engine and transmission included—on a level surface—by himself. Roman soldiers wore SKIRTS and CRUCIFIED men in PANTS! The trouser plague on society must be answered by men starting to wear skirts as men! No physiological difference = NO SEX DIFFERENCE!!

    1. You have to include the story in the wider context, that Sweden has embarked upon the road of the feminzation of its menfolk for decades. This is logical outcome of such social policies.

      1. You need to lay off the crack pipe seriously.
        The only reason they were wearing skirts in the first place is because shorts were banned (which was later lifted and they wore shorts).

        And again, there are many cultures the world over where skirt-like clothes are common and accepted.
        Reading comprehension is a good thing.

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