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Nothing like a little antisemitism to rally the masses, eh Recep?

 This is nothing new, and unfortunately to be expected, but it has to be reported nonetheless. This is exactly the reason why early Zionist Jews saw the need to restart Jewish life in their ancient homeland, a place of refuge for Jews living in areas experiencing outbreaks of anti-Jewish rhetoric, that turns into campaigns resulting in discrimination, and worse, leading to pogroms.

This was the reasoning behind Zionist Jews pleading the Brits in charge of the Mandate in then ‘Palestine’ region (resulting in the Balfour declaration). Once that declaration became part of the San Remo conference, and approved, the validity and eventuality of a Jewish state in the region was cemented.

You often hear Arab apologists whine on about ”how the UN felt sorry for the Holocaust and as a result gave Arab land to the Jews”, but the reality of Jewish self determination in their ancient homeland was sealed a couple of decades before in San Remo, which totally undermines their propaganda.

jews blamed for woes in turkey and elsewhere 8.6.2013

On Friday, June 7, an article appears in Sabah that reveals Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke to “tens of thousands” of supporters who came out to greet him when he returned from a three day visit to North African countries.

Erdoğan’s trip abroad happened during the worst of the ongoing nationwide protests in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, which were sparked by plans to level a large park to be used instead for commercial purposes.

“We’ve gotten to this point despite the interest rates lobby, and this lobby right now thinks it’s threatening Turkey with speculation in the markets,” is how Bloomberg reported the event. “No power can stop Turkey’s rise except God,” while supporters chanted: “Open the way and we’ll crush Taksim.”

Erdogan has accused “extremist” groups, including terrorist from far-left organizations, and “unidentified foreign provocateurs” of having a role in the fiercest anti-government protests in years.
But Sabah, a fiercely pro-Erdoğan media outlet, merely quoted the Turkish Prime Minister of blaming a non-specific “financial lobby” or “interest lobby.”  Perhaps Walt or Mearsheimer are looking for reporting opportunities – they may be a good fit for Sabah.
In 2007, Erdoğan seized ownership of the Sabah newspaper.  He then sold it to the Turkuaz Media Group, owned by Çalık Holding. Ehmet Çalik is Erdoğan’s son-in-law.  He is also the 16th richest man in Turkey, with a net worth of $1.3 billion.

More here.

Watch, listen and learn. I applaud anyone holding anti-Israel views taking the time to watch the video in its entirety, then commenting on it in the comments below, with clear and precise argumentation and a willingness to debate honestly.

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