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Oh, and the clown claims that his computer was hacked, though police say it was impossible for that to have happened.

Vasarahammer writes me:

Recently a group of prominent Finnish Swedes received threatening emails, which were sent from an anonymous source. Now it has come up that the emails came from professor Jan Sundberg’s computer, which had supposedly been hacked. The story started when Bettina Sågbom, a Swedish-speaking journalist in Yle, received threatening emails.

Jan Sundberg was the professor that was the leading expert in the international press conference after The Finns election victory. He’s also an activist in the SPP (Swedish People’s Party). I don’t find it impossible that Sundberg has actually sent the threatening emails himself and now hides behind the hacking excuse.

Last week it emerged that many Finns and people who support bilingualism has received threatening e-mails from unknown people.

sundberg emails threaten emails claims computer hacked 7.6.2013

– Those who viciously sent intimidation may have used his name in an email but they have not “hijacked” his computer, says Juha Rauta Heimo at Helsinki Police Department.

According to police investigations it would have been easier if Sundberg’s computer had actually been cut. Then the police could have had the means to track the perpetrator / perpetrators.

More here in Swedish.  H/T: Vasarahammer

Other article on Sågbom here: 

yle swede journo threatened with murder 7.6.2013


2 Responses

  1. The story has developed. It seems that the Yle journalists were not very knowledgeable about computers. So far, it seems, somebody has sent emails in Jan Sundberg’s name. This does not, in itself, mean that the source of the emails is Jan Sundberg’s computer, but somebody did send emails in his name. This is something that is easy to do in the internet.

    However, the target of the outrage that followed is obvious. It is those who oppose mandatory Swedish education at school. They are supposed to “hate” Finnish-Swedes, which, of course, is not true. The Swedish-speaking people of Finland pose no threat to the country and are mostly loyal citizens, but it is in the interests of a few SPP activists to keep the appearance of a threat to Swedish-speaking minority alive.

  2. Why do some people want to cause trouble I don’t know. It’s mean and hateful to make Swedish-Finns feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with bilingualism, sometimes I wish it were trilingualism with English thrown in the mix. This story completely sucks the fun out of me apologizing for not speaking the language of our oppressive Swedish overlords. Some ass clown might take me seriously. 🙁

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