Obama's Socialist Pals Samantha Powers



She’ll be among friends in the freak show called the UN.

Samantha Power

Married to the radical Leftist/communist, Cass Sunstein, here is Samantha Power, someone whom I’ve been tracking since 2008 prior to Obama being elected president. This is all you need to know about her to disqualify her from holding any official office. She’s a nut-job.

Here she is in a video I’ve posted time and again, disparaging US Jews (political power and money), comparing Israel with the murderous Hutus who exacted a genocide on the Tutsis in Rwanda while the French looked on. Calling for an end to US loans to Israel’s military complex while massively awarding the Palestinian Arabs with billions of US dollars (which they neither deserve nor the US will ever see again) as well as enforcing a ”peace deal” on Israel through the invasion of its country with boots on the ground to ”protect the Arabs from the big bad Israelis”.

NOTE: I’ve warned about this woman for well over 4 years, anyone out there still unconvinced about Obama being anti-Israel, please fill me in how this appointment, let alone association with her all these years, is conducive to positive Israeli-US relations?

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  1. Appointments such as Power and Rice are portents of the thinking among the power elite of the USA. They don’t like Israel, but a large number of Americans prevents them from enacting their beliefs.

    There is one constituency in the USA that is very pro-Israel, and it is Christians in America. If liberal Jews manage to antagonize them, Israel will have lost the one friend it just about manages to have.

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