Racial Issues Racism or not



In other words, plantation paternalism.

Self indulgent Leftist radicals using Black Americans for their own selfish political purposes.

d.greenfield the leftist hijacking of black identity 6.6.2013

As supporting evidence Bashir quoted the widely misrepresented Lee Atwater interview. In the interview, Atwater said that politics was becoming deracialized because even racist voters were backing non-racist agendas, even if for racist reasons, making racist politics abstract.

That quote has been endlessly misquoted to “prove” that when Republicans support lower taxes, it’s really coded racism. Atwater clumsily said that racial politics were becoming abstract, and the left responded by racializing all politics, including the politics of the IRS.

Atwater was right that racism in politics has become abstract, but he was wrong in assuming that it was going anywhere. Real racism in politics is hard to find, but the political abstraction of racism is everywhere. Any attack on Obama is immediately racist, whether it’s calling him a Socialist or demanding an investigation of IRS abuses, because Obama is, in Bashir’s words, “the black man in the White House.”

That and nothing else.

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