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His utter contempt for human life should be matched by ours for his, this miserable excuse for a human being should be tossed from a military cargo plane over the North Atlantic.

woolwich murderer poses like usain bolt 4.6.2013

Raising his arm into a Usain Bolt pose, Michael Adebolajo kisses a copy of the Koran with his eyes closed.

The terror suspect went through this routine as he appeared in court yesterday accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby.

Stooping in the dock with a large bandage on his left arm, the 28-year-old demanded to be called ‘Abu Hamza’.

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  1. This creep gives animals a bad name. While quoting from the Koran which he seems to wholeheartedly believe in – he stressed the ‘eye for an eye’, ‘tooth for a tooth’ principle which his pedophile leader Mo was so fond of.

    Yet he was relying on the UK justice system not to follow that principle. No doubt there are thousands of people who would like nothing better than to plough into him with a car then hack into him with a meat cleaver.

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