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Like the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the US

Turkish-Islamist Infiltration of Germany

June 3, 2013 By 

Picture 13A Turkish cabinet minister’s recent eyebrow-raising meeting with extremist Muslims from Germany’s Salafist scene raises fresh concerns about increasing Turkish-Islamist infiltration of Germany. Another Turkish ministry already trains imams and determines sermon content for 880 mosques in Germany, while a radical Turkish imam operates a private school network across the country.

The Facebook page of the German Salafist website Die Wahre Religion (The True Religion) recently published a photo of the meeting. The man in the middle donning business attire with a purple tie is Suat Kiliç, Turkish Minister for Youth and Sport.  To the right of Kiliç is Ibrahim Abou-Nagie. To Kiliç’s left is Abu Abdullah, and to Abdullah’s left is Abu Dujana.

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