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  1. Speak Your Mind About Islam Day: Thursday, June 6, 2013


    On Thursday, June 6th, 2013 we ask that you flood social media with your thoughts on and knowledge of Islam as a clear and unmistakable message to our governments around the world that we will NOT be silenced by blasphemy laws, statutes on “community cohesion”, or threats and acts of intimidation carried out by our governments in an attempt to silence us on the issue of Islam and its undeniable ties to religiously motivated acts of terror around the world. Our overwhelming numbers and unified voice must make it clear that we will become increasingly UNGOVERNABLE, without becoming violent, on the issue of Islamic terror. An assault on one will be treated as an assault upon us all; we will stand together as one voice. Political careers will pay a price at the polls for the condescending act of telling us that Islam is what we all know it is not.

  2. I am amazed at the typical Islam ‘expert’ from many, dare I say all, universities, who have tenure, and are put forward as a scholar of Islam. Then they lie and say ridiculous things about Islam – peaceful, justice, beautiful, fair, etc. Look about you, naive infidels. Do you see peace, justice, beauty and fairness in Muslim dominated countries? If Muslims do not have infdels to attack, they attack each other. The West must stop all Muslim immigration and start kicking out the troublemakers, the true believers. Queen Isabella had it right, Islam’s got to go!

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