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Not exactly grateful for being allowed in, now are they? 

This is exactly what Finns parlimentarian, Jussi Hall-aho warned about for Finland, if it embarked upon the same path as its Nordic neighbors. ”Finland’s immigrant ghettos will burn”.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, many immigrants have little education and are unable to find work in an upscale highly educated society.
Even under the best of conditions, integration into another society so culturally different from their own is a difficult adjustment for any nationality.

swedish riots could spell future for europe 2.6.2013

CHARLOTTE, May 29, 2013 – Travelers who have visited Sweden know it be one of the great undiscovered secrets of Europe. It is also one of the most liberal. Now, after more than a week of rioting, Sweden’s grand experiment in multiculturalism is providing a window into what the rest of Europe, and even the United States, could expect if current immigration policies continue.

Thanks to government policies which offer new immigrants free housing and social welfare when they arrive, Sweden has long been one of the world’s most popular destination for asylum seekers.

Sweden itself is a country of emigrants. In the southern region there is even an emigrant museum which is one of the best facilities in the world for genealogy research. Combined with its progressive philosophy Sweden has long had open-door immigration policies which, until recently, have been a source of national pride.

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4 Responses

    1. Who’s going to get it up there, of all the high and mighty who think they’re pure as the driven snow, anywhere ? The chasm between the general public and our purported elites is widening all over Europe, but they can’t be bothered to make logical decisions with a rational impact on issues like immigration and the likes. They’ve painted themselves into a corner. They NEED to be proven right, while everyone else HAS to be wrong and thus all detractors HAVE to shut up.

      They’ve elevated the Muslims to the status of perpetual victims to prove a point that makes up the whole foundation of a crackpot philosophy which you’d expect to be dispersed in juvenile school magazines, i.e. the indigenous nations of Europe are supposedly inherently racist, we have to be taught a lesson, we don’t know what’s good for us, we need to be re-educated, and all that garbage.

      Do not suppose for a second that these slithery, feckless political clamshells anywhere are ever going to put their hands up and admit they have been wrong somewhere down the line. Of course they won’t: they’ve made the mistake, they’re supposed to be paying for it in the long run, not us ! And that’s why everything ‘s going to fall on deaf ears.

      It’s going to turn out pretty neat living in European Karachis, Beiruts and Baghdads (!)

  1. I have been wondering… where exactly are the minority, indigenous Europeans; in this case Britons and Swedes, but there are others…the Gauls, etc… where exactly are they supposed to go to find “asylum” from their “native” land ?

  2. The ‘riots’ could be stopped forthwith if the political class had any balls. These castrate are useless with their groveling, pandering, and bending over to the ‘immigrant’ community. It should be obey the law or pay the price. Of course that will never happen. Peaceful dissent is not part of the jihad.

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