Actually their name should read, ”Hate-Not-Hope”.

Of course they are, it mirrors the Obama administration’s targeting Tea Party groups through the IRS. Different countries and parties but same M.O. HNH are the brown shirts for the legacy parties who want to retain the status quo, they’ll use any means at their disposal to rid themselves of anyone challenging the status quo, and their base of support.

HATE-NOT-HOPE statist totalitarians……..exactly the kind of people you would not want to see holding the reigns of power.

UPDATE: Via Brian of London:

David Cameron backed organisation had Woolwich suspect as speaker

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was speaker at UAF Harrow rally

In the video footage, Michael Adebolajo, can be seen whipping up a largely young Muslim crowd attending a UAF demonstration outside Harrow mosque on the eighth anniversary of 9/11 before they violently attacked the British police. The purple banners of UAF can clearly be seen at the demonstration. Read more:

hate not hope commie totalitarians

‘British’ Government funds ‘Hope Not Hate’ left-wing smear merchants to target UKIP

The news that ‘Hope Not Hate’ (HNH) is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government should come as no surprise to UKIP members and supporters. This Tory-led regime is desperate to curtail the threat posed to its core vote by UKIP.

In April this year, News Alliance revealed that Nottinghamshire Police conducted an internal ‘investigation’ to root out any officer/s supporting UKIP. This in a so-called democracy?

Semantics over ‘democracy’ aside, what this shows is an orchestrated policy on the part of HM Government, its politicised ‘police’ and paid quasi-left smear merchants to target and control UKIP.

But if UKIP cannot be tamed and brought under the control of shadow government, it will be subjected to the same vicious smear campaign HNH and the mass media launched against the BNP and EDL.

TT NOTE: The BNP is a statist, racist party and has nothing to do with the EDL or UKIP, and has more in common with the Left than the Left will ever care or dare admit.

More here. H/T EDL Buck



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  1. Why are these guys always such scruffy little dinks?

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