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camelot burning 19.5.2013

Ironically, the attack was reminiscent of the one in Benghazi he has repeatedly denied the Administration he represents bears any responsibility for. “Changed twelve times?!” came the cries. And with good reason. We were misled; no, lied to.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away at an American Bar Association conference, IRS big wig Lois Lerner dropped perhaps the biggest bombshell in recent political history, that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, while responding to a question secretly planted in the audience in advance. My guess is the crowd initially gave a standing ovation, given their blatant left wing agenda, but we’ll never know, as it was a “closed door” session.

Then came the apology from Ms. Lerner: “Sorry ‘bout that folks. Thanks for the questions. There’s coffee and Good Humor Ice Cream in the lobby.” But it didn’t take long for the elated crowd to understand that this might not be good for their guy.

Then the Office of the Inspector General report hit the wires.

Uh oh.

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