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It’s all that ”women’s voice being half that of a man” stuff.

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Iranian cleric says women can’t be president

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A member of Iran’s constitutional watchdog group insists that women cannot be presidential candidates, a report said Thursday, effectively killing the largely symbolic bids by about 30 women seeking to run in the June 14 election.

Even before the comments by Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, chances for a woman candidate in Iran’s presidential election were considered nearly impossible.

Women also have registered as potential candidates in past presidential elections, but the group that vets hopefuls appears to follow interpretations of the constitution that suggest only a man may hold Iran’s highest elected office. Women, however, are cleared to run for Iran’s parliament and have served as lawmakers.

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  1. The “government” is merely a facade for the real and unelected power anyway. A disease must be treated at its roots.

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