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Honor killings are in fact a Muslim thing.

I recently held a discussion with some Muslims in a debate forum, who were adamant in their dismissal of honor killings being an almost exclusive Muslim phenomenon. I posed the  following question which shut them up like clams.

Why is it, that both Jews and Christians (and other non-Muslim minorities) living in the Muslim Middle East from time immemorial, do not have the honor killing culture, whether they continue living in the Muslim ME or immigrate to the West?

honor killings

91 percent of honor killings happen in the muslim world

More here. H/T: Jihad Watch

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  1. please, what is the source or story related to the picture. I’m agast, horrified, sick. I want to understand the plight of the women, women I see in the image…

    Im so sorry

    my email


    1. It’s a picture of anti-sharia activists demonstrating against the abuse of women in honor killings

  2. who is the pathetic coward in the picture. Not a coward, is coward is one who faces a potential fight and relents… he relished the moment knowu=ing there was no fight, just pathetic weak male ignorance. Im a man, im so fucking angry!

    Astounding that there are humans so low on the cognitive food chain

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