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In my opinion, this is not just about Stephen Hawking, but about the prevailing mindset that surrounds the man. The BDS movement is pure antisemitism, nothing more, and I dare anyone to prove to me otherwise. Go straight to the comments if you disagree, I’ll publish the full debate in a separate post.



Hawking has fallen into a moral black hole

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson
Published at 12:01AM, May 13 2013

The professor is hypocritical and wrong to boycott Israel when he has visited China and Iran

Stephen Hawking’s decision to join the academic boycott of Israel is worse than a mistake: it is a crime. By humiliating President Peres, who had invited him as an honoured guest, the world’s most renowned scientist has delighted anti-Semites everywhere and boosted a campaign that aims to eradicate the Jewish state.

Professor Hawking’s intellectual achievements, his lifelong struggle with motor neurone disease, above all his indomitable courage in the face of unimaginable adversity, have won him universal admiration. His Brief History of Time introduced millions to the mysteries of modern cosmology. Such fame brings with it power and responsibility. Scientists, like other public intellectuals, cannot plead naiveté when they put their reputations on the line for a political cause.

Albert Einstein, the most celebrated scientist of his day, used his influence to mobilise the free world against the Nazis and to champion the right of the Jewish people to their own state. When Andrei Sakharov, the greatest scientist in the Soviet Union, realised that the empire he had been serving was evil, he became a dissident and dedicated his life to the cause of liberty.

Professor Hawking enjoys prestige comparable to that of Einstein and Sakharov. He could have used it in the same cause, for there is no shortage of tyrants in the world today. He could have set an example to his fellow academics by paying tribute to Israel — a small nation that, per capita, makes a greater contribution to science than any other. The professor himself communicates using an Intel Core 17 microchip designed in Israel.

Instead, he joined forces with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS), which demonises Israel as a “colonial” entity with no right to exist. One of its supporters, Ali Abunimah, wrote exultantly that “Hawking’s decision to respect BDS may be seen as a turning point — the moment when boycotting Israel … went mainstream”. Mr Abunimah’s website, Electronic Intifada, has run articles claiming that the Jewish state is worse than apartheid South Africa and comparable to Nazi Germany. This is the company that Professor Hawking is now keeping. British universities are the seminaries of this poisonous movement: their institutions and resources are being used by academic extremists to promote it.

Of course, Israelis are thick-skinned and used to ignorant criticism by celebrities. Professor Hawking’s endorsement of BDS, however, takes delegitimisation on to a different intellectual plane. He says that he cannot set foot in Israel because “the policy of the Israeli Government is likely to lead to disaster”. What does he think about Syria, where a disaster has already happened, a civil war that has already killed more people than all the Arab-Israeli conflicts combined?

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  1. Provided the anti-semites are from the right class (i.e. the middle class), they can get away with murder.

    Martin Heidegger, the prominent Nazi, was re-habilitated by leftist academics. I studied philosophy for 3 years (including 2 years in an area where Heidegger was much talked-about, and not once was his Nazi past mentioned).

    In fact, what passes for “radical thought” among the Humanities departments of British and American universities is replete with the praise for those who were openly Nazi (like Paul de Man).

    So Hawking can get away with visting Iran (where they execute people for being gay, where they have the most barbaric punishments for crimes). The hyprocrisy of this man is apparently boundless.

    I don’t blame these Leftists for concealing their hideous lineage of genocide (Stalin, Hitler, etc.) I blame the liberals and conservatives for not spending the last 70 years constantly exposing the Left’s concealment of their disgusting history. All those on the Left should be ashamed to admit their support for the most genocidal ideologies in history.

    The leftwing Fascist and Nazi policies simply re-branded themselves and all their political opponents permitted them to do it. That’s why Hawking and his leftwing supporters can’t see that he is on the same side as those who sent Jews to the gas chambers.

  2. Hawking should put his money where his mouth is and do a full boycott of Israel. He should stop using the chips that give him a voice, he should not use any medical treatment that has been invented by Jews or Israelis. He should remove from his scientific work any contributions to his own research by Albert Einstein, the renowned Zionist.
    Hawking, in short should sit in his chair until he rots then he can really find out how infinite the Universe is!

  3. I believe he has destroyed (at the very least, tarnished) his reputation. He may be a brilliant scientist, but he is a moral cretin. (They say he is on a ventilator, wonder if he’s brain damaged.)

  4. I’ve lost all respect for Hawkins. Someone buy him a moral compass. He’s lost his.

  5. I discovered he had no working “moral compass” long ago, when I watched a long TV documentary on his early life, which featured IIRC interviews with his mother, with him, and maybe others close to him. It was broadcast decades ago, so I forget some of the details. I do not forget my dismay at …. well, at him.

    It was clear (from his own admission IIRC, as well as words from others) that he had been uninterested in hard intellectual work while he was physically able to spend his time and energy being a wastrel. Once his health began to deteriorate, he focussed at last on his intellectual gifts; gifts that he had been wasting at first.

    It will seem overly “judgemental” of me, but as I watched that show, I decided he was an example of the type of young man that I personally despise, because of their values … or rather their lack of values that I admire.

    Since then, I have felt mild annoyance at the adulation poured on him by the media, in shows I watch on science, particularly on cosmology. I regret the way that he is promoted like some sort of icon of “science”.

    Some even value his pronouncements about “religion” (eg his opinion regarding the existence of God), as if HIS statements about it are more important than those of my next door neighbour’s! This is amazing to me, in a worrying way.

    BTW, he is a mathematician. I do not consider mathematics to be a science, in the sense that chemistry, geology, astronomy, microbiology, ethology, pathology etc are sciences. Maths is a tool which is used by scientists. If we assume that the output of his communication devices are really the products of his mind currently, we see that he seems to have retained the ability to do complicated maths in his head, before finally recording his conclusions, to share them with others. That is an amazing talent, but I do not consider it “science”. I was trained in _experimental_ science; where one must devise a hypothesis AND test it. He just calculates and speculates.

    Anyhow, his possession of that gift says nothing about his morals. His action with regard to the BDS issue reveals his moral compass is as faulty as ever; his experience of suffering has not improved it.

    All this is IMO FWIW of course. Thanks for reporting and allowing comments.

  6. He needs to spend many million dollars a year to maintain his survival system. He found that serious scientific study wouldn’t get that kind of money – so he keeps writing the same Atheist book over and over. Bashing God to get the level of green stuff he needs to spew more hopelessness and poison into the minds of the young.
    The anti-Israel thing boosts him with his wretched fans and that is all that matters.

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