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Lets see, Saudi Arab, altered passport, traveling with pressure cooker, lying about the pressure cooker.


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Traveler from Saudi Arabia arrested at Detroit Metro with pressure cooker

From The Detroit News:

Detroit — Federal agents arrested a Saudi Arabian traveler who arrived at Detroit Metropolitan Airport with a pressure cooker, a key component used in the Boston Marathon bombings last month.

Hussain Al Kwawahir will be arraigned at 1 p.m. in federal court for allegedly using an altered passport and lying to a Customs and Border Protection Agent about the pressure cooker.

Al Kwawahir arrived at the airport Saturday from Saudi Arabia, via Amsterdam, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court.

He told agents he was visiting his nephew, who attends the University of Toledo.

During baggage inspection, officers noticed a page missing from his passport.

Al Kwawahir told officers he did not know how the page was removed from the passport.

During the baggage exam, officers found a pressure cooker.

Al Kwawahir said he brought the pressure cooker for his nephew because the devices are not sold in the United States, according to the complaint.

From The Detroit News: 

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  1. Not sold in the USA?!?!
    There is a pressure cooker in every home in the US. Where does he think they come from? Finnish homes do not use them much but I still have mine, which I bought in Finland. They are sold everywhere.
    He lies and not very well. :/

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