Quid pro Quo?

The Oman government funds the jihad, what will they be expecting from Finland and Austria in return? Oh, Vlad says, quid pro quo? Oman gets to fund the jihad upfront without any repercussions from the west.

NOTE: Oman’s coughing up the bucks is another reason why more hostages in Yemen were just kidnapped today.

oman pays for finnish hostages 13.5.2013

The Austrian Independent referred to Yemeni newspaper reports that the ransom was paid by the sultanate of Oman. Oman is said to have paid out 16 million dollars for the release of the Austrian captive and that four million was paid to tribal leaders who acted as intermediaries.

In total Oman is said to have paid a total of 50 million dollars (close to 40 million euros) for the release of all three.

The reports have not been confirmed by official sources.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has said that Finland did not pay ransom for the release of any of the hostages.

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  1. What were these two infidels doing in Yemen? Charity work? People who go to unstable states, Yemen, Iran, NKorea…., to me, it’s their problem, not the govts to get them free.

  2. I agree, they should have been left there to rot for being so stupid.
    If you put yourself and your family in dangerous situations you have no excuse when the inevitable happens and should not expect anyone to stick their neck out to help you.
    They have just made it a whole lot easier for terrorist jihadi’s to operate in the west now those two governments are beholden to the arabs . Idiots, I hope they haven’t passed on their genes and bred yet, they should be sterilized.

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