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  1. This is an old political trick. Sic the IRS on your political rival. The IRS agents aren’t at all picky about being dishonest about the facts so they can freeze a persons bank account or their business bank account until matters are cleared up. If things swing in the IRS favor then the agent in charge gets bonus money for the amount taken. If not, no harm to the IRS agent and the person involved will simply have to manage to pay their bills, mortgages, and payroll by gymnastic feats until their money is returned after they prove themselves innocent of tax fraud. Napoleonic law is in effect. You are guilty until proven innocent.

    Piss off the IRS and have a lawyer that can block them and you will suddenly see other agencies attacking your business. Own a restaurant and you have cock blocked an IRS agent drooling over your income? Don’t be surprised on a busy Saturday night for the ATF to come running in with 5-6 agents to frighten your customers in a pretend check you are obeying your liquor license.

    Different agencies use each other to help attack a citizen who has the law on their side and are using it instead of cowering in fear at their Govt agencies mighty power. Small business owners are very well aware of this practice.

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