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It’s called rewarding failure.

Unfair competition results from the collusion of the state (with taxpayer money) with select businesses favored to receive subsidies from the public trough. Considered too big to fail, miserable business practices are bailed out at the consumers’ expense. This is how the free market is compromised on a regular basis.

It matters little who’s in power, all sides know how to play the game and enrich themselves in the process. It’s why we see career politicians worth millions of dollars/euros, only to end up in cozy business arrangements once they leave public office. It’s sick.

NOTE: These same journalists begging for public money, are the exact same ones who make fun of independent blogger/journalists asking for donations from their readers. With our practices being the moral of the two.

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Savon Sanoma editor-in-chief: The state should support newspaper distribution

Saturday 11/05/2013 at 04:46

Savon Sanomat’s editor in chief, Jari Tourunen suggests that the state should support the paper’s distribution.

Tourunen presented a proposal in a column in Saturday’s Savon Sanomat.

Tourunen said that the government needs to look at the situation of the media, including newspapers, the VAT increase and YLE’s new financing have changed the position of the papers.

– Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s government has made some unfortunate decisions that arguably undermine the comprehensive exchange of information in Finland.

Keskisuomalainen EIC, Pekka Mervola, suggested on Thursday that in order for there to be versatility in the media, a portion of the subsidy in Yle’s fee should be collected for the news agency STT’s activities.

Central Finnish Corporation, the publisher of the Keskisuomalainen and Savon Sanomat is one of the owners of the STT-Lehtikuva.

Source: Savon Sanomat


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