I agree with Vlad, the event should have been named ”blowing up bridges and working together to enslave humanity”

I see that the U.S. ambassador’s wife is all hijabed up, something of which Dr.Daniel Pipes notes being a step too far. Taking off one’s shoes is enough respect shown, donning a hijab is actually participating in Muslim rituals. It’s akin to a non-Jewish male placing a prayer shawl over his kippa (the latter a showing of respect) while visiting a synagogue.

NOTE: Here’s a recent pic of the Swedish Royals visiting a mosque in Sweden, with both women (including the queen) not wearing a hijab at all. This should serve as a prime example that wearing a headscarf by a non-Muslim is not a valid requirement, those who enforce such a rule are being supremacist.

swedish royals visist mosque not wearing hijabs

canadian muslims use newtown conneticut massacre to promote islam 11.5.2013

More here.

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  1. It is incredible how fast Muslims are moving and how ignorant the establishment is as to the purpose and tenets of Islam. Cannot somebody crack a book?
    We may gloat over first cousin marriage resulting in disabilities but they are outfoxing us at every turn.

  2. Yes, let’s get some dumb dhimmi joos (US ambassador and wife) to help us cover for islamic supremacism, even tho Newtown tragedy is not our business, we can boast:
    “We didn’t do it this time!!”

    But just before the Boston jihad massacre on April 15. How convenient!

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