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This is a time when, just for a moment, street vigilantism enters the mind. 

This beast also assaulted a retarded adult woman, forcing her to preform fellatio on him then urinated in her mouth. He’s the one who should be hanging by his neck, not the hapless dog, and how much you want to bet he’s got hundreds of Lefty Swedes will to fall out into the street to protest any call for his repatriation to whatever hell hole he crawled out of.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

tard animal cruelty

Animal cruelty and assault

In October last year, a woman witnessed how Sajofi Abdul Karim, 23, punished a puppy by kicking it while he let it dangle in the air in Möllevångstorget in Malmö.

The woman took a picture of the cruelty perpetrated against the animal (see photo) and told the man that he wasn’t allowed to treat the dog that way. Abdul Karim responded that he was entitled to treat his dog exactly like he wanted to and obviously felt that he could do the same with the woman. He initially spat at her in the face and when that didn’t help he punched the woman in the face.

More here at Vlad’s.

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  1. I am not even 0,1% amazed. Muslim is muslim. Nobody should hope of anything good from them. As long as they are in Sweden, Swedes are in danger.
    What is interests me most is whether these useful Swedish idiots know the statistical data about raping in Sweend this scum, then they are quislings, traitors and deserve hanging near that monster. If they are unaware of this horrifying situation, how do they live, I wonder? What are their sources of information alike? Are they all cowards? Have they forgotten that the offsprings of vikings? Why don’t they just (edited) into several smaller pieces of shit?den. Are they aware of the fact that muslim inhabitants of Sweden (which are abt. 5-6% of total inhabitance) commit over 2/3 of all rapes in Sweden? (edited) and send him back home (edited)!

    NOTE from TT editor Hi Andrey, I understand your angst, but I’m responsible for the content of the blog and comments, please keep expressing your views, but in a way that doesn’t get me into trouble. Cheers

    1. Well Andrey . . I can understand your indignation and frustration but “Sven Svenson” is just an ignorant Swede who seems not to be thinking about anything much except his basic creature comforts.

  2. How horrifying he saw no difference between the woman and the dog. They both exist for him to abuse if he sees fit. This guy is serious trouble waiting to happen. I wish the Swedish politicians who allowed him in their nation could be his next door neighbors.

    1. Not much chance of that Cloudberry. His neighbours will be fellow Muslims, the elite politicans living in a totally different setting in the superior upper class parts of Stockholm.

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