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The Islamic world is full of these types.

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Extremist Kuwaiti Sheikh Jasem al-Mutawa spoke on Memorial Day, 4 May at the Islamic University in Rotterdam. Al-Mutawa is the Chairman of the extremist Saudi station Iqraa TV. He is known for his extremist positions on women, and hatred of Jews. He has described women as, “first talking and then thinking.” He also says that adulterous women should be stoned.

In a video, he claimed that monkeys have stoned a female monkey which did not behave in a modest way. Al-Mutawa is convinced that women have to be strictly subservient to their husbands. The Freedom Party (PVV) has put questions to Ministers Opstelten (Justice and Security) and Asscher (Social Affairs) asking whether they are willing to expel the Islamic preacher of violence and to see to it that this type of idiot, who calls for violence, will not be welcome in the Netherlands in the future.


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  1. Kick this retarded and racist creature back to the garbage where he came from…

  2. Anthropomorphized monkeys are the benchmarks of a moral compass? Yet Islam literally holds the ape up as a morally corrupt manifestation when it heaps condemnation on the worst of creatures. That’s right, the Jooos. At my local zoo you have to be weary of the inhabitants of monkey island because they have been known to hurl their feces at passers-by. Muslims, taking monkeys as role models, hurl their feces (i.e., their religion) at anyone they happen upon with a deadly aim and fouls every soul it touches. Hold up as a beacon or detest with vile enmity? The Slaves of Allah don’t know whether to shit or go blind. In the meantime, I’ll just mosey on down to the next cage…

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