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imam in drug bust in Edinburgh Scottland

A MUSLIM cleric at one of Scotland’s biggest mosques was arrested in a major drugs swoop.

Cops reportedly found a “significant quantity” of crack cocaine and cash at a property owned by the imam in Leith, Edinburgh.

It’s understood the religious leader, who cannot be named, regularly leads prayers at the capital’s Central Mosque. Last night one source said: “Nobody had any idea. This will come as a huge shock to everyone.

“We must be careful not to jump to conclusions. This comes totally out of the blue.”

The arrest on Thursday came as part of Operation Amend, which saw officers seize more than £500,000 of drugs and cash in the city in two days.

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5 Responses

  1. At least they’re protecting his privacy. The authorities would do that for anyone.

  2. Does Scotland have a RICO statute? Shut down and liquidate the assets of the mosque and every organization related to that imam .

  3. Let’s see if the church of scotland will question this the same way they questioned the rights of the jews to their land.

  4. “…..“Nobody had any idea….”

    No, of course not.

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