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  • Andrew Paul Stuart Hamilton Time to take action against Church of Scotland properties in Israel.
  • Brian John Thomas I’d say! If our existence is not legit, I’m sure confiscation wouldn’t make much difference to their opinion of us.

Yes, unfortunately Christian antisemitism is still alive in this day and age, albeit under the guise of criticism of Israel, but it’s antsemitism nonetheless. No other country in the world has its legitimacy thrown into question, except for Israel. Using Natan Sharansky’s 3D test,  the New Jew hatred (andtisemitism) is rather simple to identify and to debunk.

The first “D” is the test of demonization. When the Jewish state is being demonized; when Israel’s actions are blown out of all sensible proportion; when comparisons are made between Israelis and Nazis and between Palestinian refugee camps and Auschwitz – this is anti- Semitism, not legitimate criticism of Israel.

The second “D” is the test of double standards. When criticism of Israel is applied selectively; when Israel is singled out by the United Nations for human rights abuses while the behavior of known and major abusers, such as China, Iran, Cuba, and Syria, is ignored; when Israel’s Magen David Adom, alone among the world’s ambulance services, is denied admission to the International Red Cross – this is anti-Semitism.

The third “D” is the test of delegitimization: when Israel’s fundamental right to exist is denied – alone among all peoples in the world – this too is anti-Semitism.

church of scotland question israel's existence 5.5.2013

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NOTE: It’s in large part due to sheer ignorance of the Arabs’ war against Israel and the foundations of the birth of the Jewish state. Once the propaganda is wiped clean, rational minds see the validity of the Jews’ claims, plus, all those thousands of years of history in the land being the icing on the cake.

H/T: Brian John Thomas via Zahava Englard

International law expert, Professor Eugene Kontorovich:

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