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A sick society breeds sick offspring.

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NOTE: Like I’ve been saying for a long time now, the Arabs’ use of boys ages 10 and up in the jihad against the Jews is well documented. Every time you see a CNN, BBC report about children killed in the fighting between both sides, this phenomenon has to be factored in, you just can’t take the information at face value, it has to be with context. View the video below and remember what the aid worker Daryl Jones says.

Daryl Jones is an Australian volunteer aid worker duped by Palestinian propaganda to come to THEIR aid but later realised that they were engaged in a bloodlust game to destroy the lives of children, to ultimately get Israelis.

She recounts how Palestinians displayed photos of bodies, “gouged and pitted, torn. We were told this is from torture from the Israelis.” Later, when she saw a Palestinian child blow up in front of her face, she realised that the ripped apart bodies were the result of human booby traps that the Palestinians used against the Israelis.

The Western media will show these images of the burnt children, but what is the truth, are they unaware of the reality and the horrors Daryl Jones has seen?

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  1. The reality is too fuggly to contemplate. Its soooo much easier to blame the Jews!

    This is something that spoilt Westerners cannot swallow. That Arab Muslims use children as cannon fodder for them is inconceivable, and no matter how often you tell them how the Iranians used little kiddies to clear the minefields with little plastic keys around their necks, the coin just won’t drop.

  2. Oh, you mean the people that were dancing in the streets on 9-11-01 and the day of the Boston Marathon bombing actually glorify terrorism and are filled with hate? Wow, now that’s shocking! Maybe President Oblahblah needs to give them another $1 Billion in aid.

  3. This merely serves to reinforce the evil of Islam. I simply cant comprehend the Wests continued desire to allow muslims into their respective countries and attempts to appease them. Day after day they demonstrate their hate and yet we bend over and allow them to control us via our own liberal laws. If they wore swastikas and jackboots they wouldn’t even be able to walk down the streets but wear a towel and you’re safe.
    This will only end in tears for all of us. I suspect the persecution that is spoken of in the Bible and especially Daniel and revelation will come from Islam.

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