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This is not going way anytime soon.

This is what Dutch politicians have bequeathed upon their society, only 60 some years after helping the Nazis murder their Jews, they’re up the eyeballs with more antisemites who would like nothing better than to do the same.

No, it’s not us who warn about Islam on a daily basis who are responsible for the mess Europe is in, it’s the near sighted, ignoramus politicians who willingly prepared the present age for this moment in time.

NOTE: For you see folks, being masterminds and geniuses, the utopians really believed that they could manage things, like a bunch of Svengalis behind the scenes moving this and that lever. Now it’s exploded in their faces with real lives on the line, now what are they going to do?

dutch muslims praise hitler and holocaust

Dutch Turk Volunteer Harassed for Opposing Holocaust Supporters

Mehmet Sahin went into hiding for a month after criticizing youth who praised Hitler on TV, warned by court to refrain from “insults”.
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By Arutz Sheva Staff

First Publish: 5/3/2013, 11:48 AM

Several major Dutch newspapershave published that Dutch-Turkish volunteer Mehmet Sahin, is being harassed and intimidated by other Turks – almost on a daily basis. He had comitted the “sin” of admonishing three youngsters from his community who praised the Holocaust, Hitler and the killing of Jewish babies in February on TV.

Sahin mentioned that reactions from other Turks included that he “is a Jewish agent,” “psychologically sick,” and “a collaborator.” Sahin had received death threats after his admonishment of the young Turkish anti-Semites.

The Mayor of Arnhem where he lives, rather than offering protection, then recommended that Sahin go into hiding with his family, which he did. Thereafter, Sahin remained at home for a month.

Sahin now told the press that when he went out on the streets afterwards, he was called names in Turkish including: “You are born out of the sperm of a Jew who raped a Turkish mother.” He said, “I replied ‘Dirty Fascists!’ He also said that Turks in his neighborhood isolate him and the same is the case with Turkish organizations and key figures in and outside Arnhem.

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  1. islamo hatred is intergenerational (1400 years so far), not just one election cycle like our weak politicians timelines.

  2. Every time a muslim stands up for the sanctity of life, they can expect their fellow muslims to bravely turn their backs on them and run. If they are in a position of authority or not, and speak out against jihadists, they can expect multiple attempts on their lives until they are murdered. This is partly why you hear nothing but crickets chirping when it comes time for the muslim community to stand up against evil. They recognize how vicious is the hate coming from their mullahs and jihadists and young men and they are the first to pay for speaking out against these monsters.
    Even worse, if they dare raise their heads for even a second against evil, they can expect the same from Govt officials of their dhimmi host nations as they would their ‘brothers and sisters in islam.’ Shunning.

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