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I applaud the decision that should never have been deliberated on in the first place.

Imran Firasat

A landmark victory for the freedom of expression in Europe: Imran Firasat acquitted of hate crime

I just received this message from Imran Firasat:

Hi friends. As you all know that a few months ago my refugee status was revoked by the Spanish government over producing a movie on Islam´s prophet Muhammad´s life.

After that I was also accused of hate crime (hurting religious sentiments of Muslims) and was being prosecuted. There was a huge pressure on me to leave Spain or to be prepared for deportation or detention. But I decided to stay here and fight for my right to freedom of expression.

The appeal I have lodged against the decision of the ministry to revoke my refugee status is still in the process in the Spanish high court. But today I have got great news which is a landmark victory for the freedom of expression in Spain and in Europe.

The public prosecutor and the acting judge have acquitted me of the hate crime. They have said that there are no indications of having committed a crime. They said that after having a look at my declaration and all the documentation, they have found that I always had informed the government about my actions on Islam and that I never had any wrong intention to hurt someone´s feelings or threat the national security of Spain.

More here at Jihad Watch.  H/T: Gaia

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    1. I was terribly worried about him and his family and am glad they can stay in Spain. Hopefully his wife and kids won’t come to any harm because of anything in his past that was illegal. I do not know if he is a good or bad person so I can’t say. He could be a moron at business or unlucky but a bad guy will keep on trying to gain and juggle more and more loans.

      It’s a very sad truth that con artists find a huge amount of money by running scams on goodhearted, God fearing people who would never dream of anyone sinking so low.
      When exposed the con artist will naturally claim to be innocent and with lots of proof to back them up. They’ll be getting that information to you very soon. When pressed for it, they will first make excuses. Then they’ll finally state they do not have to justify themselves to shameful detractors like you who have a bias against them and none of their proof will change your mind anyway. God knows their hearts and they will pray for your healing!
      Sounds familiar? Honest people do not screw over friends and kind people who try to help them. Follow the money and see if he’s real or not.

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