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This puts to rest Obama’s farcical meme that: ”al-Qaida is on the run”.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus at Jewish Press has one of the more interesting articles to date, on the Islamic terrorist attack on Boston. You need to take the last 18 years into consideration when reading Lori’s excellent exposé of the man behind the terror bombings for al-Qaida’s global jihad movement.

NOTE: This is a different al-Qaida, it appears that al-Suri’s brand of terror tactics have won the arguments for this generation of jihadis, and they’re busy brushing up on his manual.

In CGIR al Suri urged his followers to select places for terrorist attacks which could produce maximum carnage for minimum cost. For example, he wrote, “sports competitions attract thousands of spectators and television cameras.” He also suggested local sleeper cells focus on oil fields and transportation systems – think of recent events in Algeria and Canada. The CGIR is considered “the textbook of home-grown terrorism”; it has also been referred to as the “Jihadi Mein Kampf.”

small low cost jihadi attacks the wave of the future 2.5.2013

Did the Tsarnaev brothers maim and murder innocent Americans because Islam instructs them to do so?  That goes further than almost anyone is willing to go.

Did the Tsarnaev brothers detonate bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th because they were indirectly but clearly instructed to do that by a powerful jihadi strategist, and did that man issue those instructions because he, and many others, believe they were told to do it because Islam insists on it?  That may be the case, whether or not U.S. officials want the connection known.

A man who was involved at the very start of the global jihad movement, who was a colleague as well as strategic rival to Osama bin Laden, whose efforts have been linked to the 7/7 bombings in London, the ’04 train bombings in Madrid, possibly to a Paris metro bombing way back in 1995 and even perhaps to the 09/11 bombings, is certainly someone we all should know about.  And while learning about him, it will be useful to consider whether his legacy connects to the Tsarnaev Boston Terror Bombings. Because by all knowledgeable estimates, this is the man who conceived of, trained others for, and wrote the manual on the modern global Islamic jihadi war against the West.  And the most recent battlefield in that war was the finish line in Boston.


His name is Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, although he’s also known as abu Musab al Suri (the Syrian).  Perhaps his most significant contributions to the cause of global jihad was his insistence that the old-style al Qaeda, with its rigid hierarchical structure, was a disaster for the movement and had to be jettisoned in favor of a different strategy.  In his 1600 page manifesto, al Suri stressed the need for the global jihadi movement to create a new fighting style focused on “individual terrorism.”

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ALSO: Make sure to check out this condensed version of a longer Stephen Coughlin video.

Published on May 2, 2013
This is an excerpt from a longer presentation by Center for Security Policy senior fellow Stephen Coughlin. In it, he explains doctrinal and historical background for the recent jihadist attack in Boston.

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