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Terrorist free-for-all on all sides of the Islamonazi divide.


Interesting analysis for the Norwegian paper, here is some of it translated.

dagbladet discovers al-qaida in syria 29.4.2013

THEN THE Shiite Islamist movement of Hezbollah was formed in 1982, with the main reason to fight the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, fighting against the Israeli state and “liberate” Jerusalem. Support it received from Syria and especially Iran, made it possible for the Islamist group to force Israel out of Lebanon in 2000.

Today Hezbollah must pay the price for the foreign aid. Iranian authorities and probably Syrian, has forced Hezbollah fighters to fight in Syria, to keep the faltering dictator Bashar Assad in power. And not enough with that, the Shiite fighters are also in conflict with Sunni Islamists, primarily represented by the increasingly effective al-Nusret-front fighting against Assad and his regime. Israel is still the main enemy, but now Hezbollah is fighting on two fronts.

THE SIZE of Hezbollah’s presence in Syria is uncertain, but some argue that it is about several thousand fighters. They are concentrated around the border with Lebanon, but will also have a presence elsewhere in the country. Whatever the increases are in the number. Over 130 Hezbollah fighters going to now be killed in the Syrian Civil War. While Hezbollah previously put up pictures of militiamen killed in the struggle against Israel, it now pops up posters showing victims who have fallen in Syria.

It should have been a split within the Hezbollah leadership on Syria-presence, and it’s no wonder. First and foremost, the Shiite Islamists established itself as the strongest political and military force in Lebanon, and they have no desire for their country to become involved in the Syrian conflict, not least because it may lead to a flare up of the Lebanese civil war again. But while Hezbollah fears that Assad will fall, there then will be no help from Syria and no transit route for arms from Iran.

Hezbollah is also concerned that al-Nusret-front looks to establish itself in Lebanon. When there was fighting between a secular PLO group and Palestinian Islamists in refugee camp Ein el-Helweh in March, it was alleged that fighters from al-Nusret-front had fought on the Palestinian Islamist side. This was denied by the PLO, but not everyone believes it. For it is said by several sources that al-Nusret, which is considered part of the al-Qaeda network, has also gained a foothold in other Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, especially in the Tripoli area in the north. Al-Nusret has threatened to burn down Beirut  if Hezbollah will not get out of Syria.

TRIPOLI HAS BEEN an area of conflict in Lebanon because of the Syrian Civil War.  There should be between 40 000 and 60 000 Alawite in this area, many of whomtheir religious beliefs trap  support for Assad, not least for fear of what happens if there is regime change in Syria. But it is not only Alawite involving them. Sunni Muslims are in the majority in Tripoli, supporting the rebellion against Assad and hope that sunnimajoriteten in Syria comes to power there. That is why the Sunni and Alawite militias have come into armed conflict in and around Tripoli.

Perhaps the most worrisome is that many of those involved in the Sunni groups profess to militant Islamism and supporting al-Qaeda. So we see black al-Qaeda flag coming to demonstrations, not only in Tripoli, but also in the capital of Beirut. Al-Nusret-front has progressed in Syria, where the al-Qaeda network has access to weapons, troops and money. It also seems to be more united than the internationally recognized free Syrian army FSA. At the beginning of this month took al-Nusret control over part of the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus. A number of Palestinians who will be involved in the Syrian civil war, fled.

More here in Norwegian.

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  1. “But while Hezbollah fears that Assad will fall, there then will be no help from Syria and no transit route for arms from Iran.”

    Yep. Seems accurate to me. I saw this coming two years ago. You don’t really have to be a journalist to know about that…

  2. This post on the “Islamic divide” is worthy of repeating an enduring quote from Hugh Fitzgerald: Societies Suffused With Islam Seek Their Own Level

    Societies suffused with Islam seek their own level. It is happening in Iraq. It is happening in Afghanistan. It is happening among the Gazan Arabs, and were the Israelis foolishly and suicidally to leave, it would happen to the “West Bank” Arabs. And the Infidel world, wishing not to recognize this, has been piling on the aid, and will no doubt continue to do so. But this is wrong. Instead, it should recognize that whatever fissures exist within these states or “tribes with flags” should be exploited, so as to divide and demoralize the Camp of Islam. Nothing should be done to hinder those sectarian, ethnic, tribal, family or even, as in the case of Hamas and Fatah, crime-family divisions. Instead, Islam must have its image unburnished, and a display of what Muslim societies and states naturally tend to will limit the appeal of campaigns of Da’wa in the West. Furthermore, there is almost nothing that Infidels can do to persuade Muslims that there is something deeply wrong with Islam. Indeed, the more they try to do this, even obliquely – by promoting “democracy” for example – the more likely Muslims will rally around Islam. But nothing need be done by Infidels, no aid need be extended to Muslims (it is absurd that with rich Arabs drowning in trillions of dollars in unmerited oil wealth, Infidels continue to lavish tens or hundreds of billions on Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, the “Palestinian” Arabs, and other Muslims who have come to expect this quasi-jizyah, and no one expects a cent in aid to come from, to be volunteered by, the rich Arabs). If Infidel states do nothing to hinder the natural working-out of Islam, the societies that result will be such failures, political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual, that it will be impossible for the most advanced Muslims to deny this, and deny that those failures come not from Infidels, but from Islam itself. All we, the non-Muslims of the world, need do is to sufficiently inform ourselves about Islam so that we comprehend, and can explain to ourselves and to others (including Muslims), that we can make that connection, between Islam and the habit of submission that encourages despotism, Islam and inshallah-fatalism that discourages hard work and entrepreneurial flair, Islam and mistreatment of women and non-Muslims that represents a social and moral failure, Islam that discourages most forms of artistic expression, and free and skeptical inquiry that the conduct of scientific investigation requires, and is thus an intellectual failure.

    Let Muslim societies seek their own level. No lifelines, no lifeboats, no nothing. Watch, and let the world’s non-Muslims learn enough to recognize the connection of what happens to Islam itself, and thereby force Muslims, too, to start to arrive at the same understanding that they wish so ardently to avoid. Boots on the ground will then prove quite unnecessary.

  3. I totally agree, Islam is a house divided; let it fall.

    I have been saying for years, we should not provide aid, money or expertise to Saudi or any other country with dreadful human rights abuses, but people/governments are cheap and amoral and the love of money really is the root of all evil. These countries couldn’t survive without Western technology and organization, why give it when the Islamic countries in particular literally ‘have us over a barrel”?

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