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When weird is simply weird.


Once you get past the silicone bombshells, you find a real goofy, whacky huckster called Adnan Oktar, a person who keeps re-inventing himself to fool whatever naive he is currently trying to draw into his web of influence.

He says he once hated all Jews, now it’s only atheist Jews he hates, and the Free Masons, well they don’t get a free pass either, no matter how religious they are. There is now a page devoted to exposing Oktar, the excellent site of Sam Westrop who has been well on this guy’s trail from some time.

The need to expose this cult couldn’t be greater, seeing that Oktar and his silicone babes have been working overtime in trying to dupe as many pro-Israel types as possible. Sinem Tezyapar has been extremely active in the op-ed department, and when caught in her lies, she just invents whatever comes to her mind. By her sheer will power alone, jihad now means peace. Unbelievable yes, but she and the rest have taken a lot of people hook line and sinker.

The latest nonsense can be seen in yet another op-ed published again at the Jewish Press, this time it’s Bert Schlossberg who strives to make the reader believe that Tezyapar and Oktar are real straight shooters, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Schlossberg’s appeal to accept the cult of Oktar because al-Qaida is even dead set against them, is farcical, especially when al-Qaida is vitriolically against these same atheist Jews and Free Masons as Adnan Oktar’s group. 

It would be refreshing to see otherwise intelligent people rejecting weirdness for the sake it being absolutely weird. What are they waiting for, floating silicone boobs in vats of Kool-aid?


I can’t Be Silent When a Fighter for Peace Is Attacked


It is apparent that Al Qaeda does not look favorably upon Ms Tezyapar and that is why she and her mentor and others have the right to request Turkish protective security measures. They have not requested this. It is upon all of us, if we are not fighters ourselves, to be fighters for the fighters. That’s how the world works. That’s how it should work. That is how we too can make a contribution to the fight against the ugly face of terrorism, and hatred. It is a function of love and of righteousness.

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    Don’t discount discount the danger of someone because they appear weird or crazy. Here is my comment on Sam’s page:

    I love this ad hominem attack and straw manning, red herring, poisoning the well generic fallacy…For an obviously intelligent and educated person, Yori spews so many logical fallacies, I had to dig up a book I used to teach logic to my kids when they were little. While I don’t accept the theology of antitheism, they often do a good job cleaning the house of the religious camp, who refuses to clean their own house. Don’t discount the danger of a person who appears weird, crazy, and a joke. Its as if Oktar has taken Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, L. Ron Hubbard, a touch of Protocols and Mein Kampf, removed the desired genes and spliced them all together. Oktar appears to have made progress in his goal of infiltrating and separating the pro-Israel camp: separating religious Jews from secular Jews, separating Jewish Zionists from Christian Zionists, separating people who love silicone from those who are allergic to it, and separating the compromisers and the deluded from those who refuse to be compromised or deluded. BTW Yori, can you state that you and JewishPress have no conflicts of interest regarding Oktar or any of his front groups? Whenever things don’t add up, I pull out that old adage, “follow the money.”

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