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The stupidity has spread to Finland as well.

Undocumented immigrants indeed. Bull crap. They’re illegal aliens, having violated OUR rights by being in Finland illegally, and therefor have no rights to Finnish healthcare or other entitlement programs. The need for rounding them up and sending them back home couldn’t be greater, it’s time to end this nonsense once and for all. These healthcare workers dishing out services at the taxpayers’ expense need to be reigned in and held accountable.

Turku clinic offers health care for undocumented immigrants illegal aliens

The Turku-based Global Clinic was set up by health professionals to provide health services for undocumented immigrants and others who are not eligible for public health care in Finland.

Anonyymi mies kävelee pimeään porttikäytävään.
The recently-opened Turku clinic offers health services for people who are otherwise ineligible for public health care. Image: Yle

Global Clinic in Turku is staffed by health care professionals who provide their expertise on a voluntary basis. Their target customers are persons who don’t have access to public health care in Finland.

“This is primarily a human rights question. There’s a group of people in Finland who can’t get any kind of health care services,” said nursing professional Anna Napola.

The clinic hopes to be able to diagnose and treat possible infectious diseases as well as other health conditions.

Just over one dozen volunteers run the clinic. They represent a wide cross section of health care professionals: doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychotherapists. The Deaconess centre of the Turku and Kaarina parishes provides financial support for the centre’s operations.

“We offer small scale health care services by way of doctors’ and nurses’ examinations. We don’t offer imaging services or lab tests, except for tuberculosis patients,” Napola explained.

More at the Finnish (soviet era) pravda outlet, YLE.

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  1. “Global Clinic in Turku is staffed by health care professionals who provide their expertise on a voluntary basis.”
    I must respectfully disagree. The illegal aliens won’t change their minds about their criminal trespassing of an international border because of one or one thousand free clinics staffed with volunteers. Doctors and nurses have the right to exercise their free will. As long as my tax money doesn’t pay for it, they can choose to dress up in tutus and prance in the streets on their free time, read a book, or treat illegals. They may well be protecting the general population from any infectious diseases the illegal aliens could have brought with them.
    The patients best hope some enterprising immigration agents don’t monitor the clinic and follow them back to their apartments and make arrests. But that is the price of being a criminal. You can expect to be arrested.

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