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It’s called: doubling down on stupid.

It’s how they think, all blame and error is placed at the feet of the Israelis. This is why Israel can’t take the Norwegian government run by Labor operatives and like ilk, seriously. Once again I bring you the former Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot, who carefully exposes this same kind of irresponsible, heavily biased thinking by Avi Shlaim:

norway labor scape goats israel again 23.4.2013

Labor sharpens criticism of Israel

You mean Israel has full responsibility if there is a two state solution.

In a proposed resolution at the Labor national conference on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians,  Israel will be blamed for an entrenchment of the conflict. The country  is being clubbed by the proposal on the congress’s final day.

Labor now sharpens its tone and wants the labeling of Israel-products produced in the West Bank.

In its statement the Labor Party’s editorial committee blames Israel for the deadlocked conflict. They write:

“If the goal of a two state solution is unattainable, the Palestinian autonomy will crumble, and the occupier Israel alone will be left in charge of the occupied Palestinian population under international law.”


Chairman of the Editorial Committee, Terje Aasland, stands fully and completely for the statement.

– Do not the Palestinians have any responsibility to stop terrorism or recognize Israel’s right to exist?

– In my opinion, all parties to a conflict have a responsibility. But we must be clear on how we address the main responsibility for the situation in the area, says Aasland.

Two state solution.

– Why does not anything in the statement say that the Palestinians have responsibility?

– The statement has been angled in this particular way such , and we put a lot of responsibility on Israel to get peace in the Middle East and go to a track where you can find a two-state solution.


Labor Committee also proposes to “make visible trade with goods produced in illegal settlements in the occupied territories.” The decision proposal outlines labeling of goods as a method. This is done to provide a “real opportunity to opt out of such goods.”

– For the electronics too, or is it just oranges?

– It applies to all goods produced in the illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

– Why is it important?

– It is important for people to opt out of goods produced in areas that have a strong level of conflict in itself, says Aasland.

The statement is expected to be approved without much resistance. The editorial committee was in full agreement on the content.

More here in Norwegian.


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