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[NOTE: Welcome Jewish Press readers, just make sure the next time you read a piece by Sinem Tezyapar, ask yourself why she seems to have no problem whatsoever about lying to you, or of her support of imprisoning the pianist for insulting Islam. Keep a keep a barf bucket near by when reading the turgid nonsense by this pimp for the OIC.]


It’s amazingly clear to me that these supposed ”moderate” adherents to Islam are simply not up to the task of speaking the truth about their belief system, and I refuse to play along with it. If they won’t play straight, then we have to drag them to it, kicking and screaming.

Latest outrage by Sinem Tezyapar: 

The use of the concept of “jihad” for acts of aggression against innocent people is a great distortion of the true meaning of the term. Jihad—meaning to strive, to show an effort—is about telling people about Islam with knowledge, culture, love, affection and compassion; and to tell people the truth kindly, to treat them warmly, to respect their ideas, not to be ruthless toward them or shed blood, kill or hurt people or kill oneself.

SINEM TEZYAPAR jihad is peace

ACTION ALERT by Lisa Michelle: The following article by Sinem Tezyapar, which was published by The Jewish Press, is a piece of utter journalistic negligence on the part of its editors and is the final straw! Please express your outrage and share my comments.

Yet, Sinem is merely the messenger. The true voice and conductor behind the messenger is Adnar Oktar, who is virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier with an agenda all his own and who has plans to unite Islam with Turkey: a new and better Ottoman Empire perhaps?

(See for details about Oktar and his plans; also see MEMRI Video at and for Oktar’s plans for a Turkish-Islamic Union).

Sinem Tezyapar, the author of this article, dishonors the victims and their families of the Boston Marathon Bombing by passing off the very real threat of terrorism and Jihad as an individual act of “sickness” and psychosis. She then goes on to reduce the fatal threat of terrorism by comparing the act to that of the person who perpetrated the Sandy Hook massacre. This is known as Taqiyya (lying that is condoned by and promoted by Islamic decree. The Jewish Press is complicit in propagating this dangerously false narrative and whitewashing the ideologies inherent in the Koran.

(See for oped by Daniel Pinner, which discredits some of Sinem’s claims about the Koran; also see by Andrew Bostom, who is an expert and author of several books on the subject; and an article by Pamela Geller about Sinem whitewashing Jewish hatred by Islam at

We are in the information battle of our lives. Oktar and his harem, which includes Sinem, only propagate these lies in Jewish/pro-Israel social network groups and publications. Yet, we are not the ones who need to be convinced that the world would be a far better place with peace and love, and this kind of crap would never hold water in Muslim circles. If Sinem and Oktar were sincere, they would be placing their efforts in raising awareness among their own–not in Jewish/pro-Israel circles–and calling attention to the hatred that is indeed inherent in the Koran and Hadith. Nor would they whitewash the truth. Change cannot occur when it’s based on lies. It can only be achieved when we take a cold and hard look at the facts and the truth.

Please bombard the editors of The Jewish Press through emails, comments under the Website article and on its Facebook page, Tweets, and any other social networking means at your disposal.

A Muslim Perspective: Boston’s Tragedy Must Not Generate More Hate

I also would like to strongly criticize those who express joy at the sight of horror in America.

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  1. You consider M. Tezyapar to be a messenger of Adnan Oktar whom you view as an avirulent anti semite and a Holocaust denier. I first want to comment about Adnan Oktar. I believe this is accurate – Adnan Oktar, to whom Ms. Tezyapar looks to as a guide and influence on her thinking, himself, had evolved in his thinking about Jews and Israel. Reputed to be a ‘Holocaust denier’, though he had in court fought that claim as it was based on a book he has denied authorship of, he had, over the years, come to clearly affirm the actuality of the holocaust in all its horrors for the Jewish people. In 2004, the Stephen Roth Institute of Tel Aviv University, reversing its findings of 2001, expressed the opinion that Oktar had increased his tolerance toward others, asserting that “he now works towards promoting inter-religious dialogue” and calling upon all Muslims to have “a tolerant and friendly attitude toward other religions”. In 2006, BAV published a book strongly affirming the Holocaust. The Holocaust Violence states “The Nazis subjected European Jews to indisputable and unforgivable cruelty during World War II. They humiliated, insulted and degraded millions of Jewish civilians, forcing them from their homes and enslaving them in concentration camps under inhuman conditions… Certainly the Jewish people, of whom 5.5 million died in concentration camps, were the worst victims of the Nazi barbarity.”

    Ms. Tezyapar, has likewise been consistent, clear, and vocal about the rights of Jews to live in their own land, the Land of Israel, to have freedom to be and to pray on the “Temple Mount” – the Al Aksa mosque – Dome of the Rock area, and to defend their country from aggression. One may dispute her interpretation of the Koran or the Hadith or the meaning of the word “Muslim”, but that is very different form considering her insincere, or anti- semitic herself, or any of the other accusations. I think that she has stuck her neck out very far in the context of a Muslim culture with radical Muslims readily accessible. And I dont know how her following publshed words could ever be construed as anything but Pro- Israel and Pro Jewish:

    “…For hundreds of years, Jews have known suffering, pain, and have never been at ease. Since the Diaspora, they have been expelled from almost every place they ever went for centuries. And now there are some who say they want the Jews to leave Israel also. The question arises, “Where are they supposed to go?” The Jews, the people of Israel, have the right to live in the Holy Land, in peace and security; indeed, it is so commanded by God Himself in the Qur’an: “And thereafter We said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Promised Land.'” (Surah Al-Isra, 104)

    “Therefore, no one who professes submission to God and heeds the Word of God can oppose their existence in the Holy Land. And as Turks, as Muslims as much as we want the welfare of humanity, we should want Jews to live in peace as well. We must always make our best efforts to ensure this goal…”

    1. No real surprise that a rabid missionary would support a jihadist whose longest engagement – by his own admission – was in a secured psychiatric facility. BOTH schlossberg’s and yahya’s ultimate goals are the same – the eradication of the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Whilst bert alleges yahya has “come around,” only last month he gave an interview with Arab News where he again declared Zionists to be “G-dless atheists” and again demanded Israel show it’s fealty to a new califa based in Istanbul, in an attempt to recreate the ottoman empire. yahya maintains a coterie of prostitutes – male and female – like sinem tespayar who echo well scripted monologues prepared by the escapee from the mental institution. Even the AntiJew Guardian saw the cult to be so extremely rabid, even they had to speak out. But schlossberg stays enthralled. Can we presume his fealty is brought about in the same manner they have retained others’ subjugation? Blackmail? In time, we will all find out what yayha holds over others. As early as when erdogan falls, and yahya is yet again imprisoned in an even more secure psychiatric environ in a properly contained rubber room. You are what you are bert – and all know it. You’re just furious and lashing out that you attempts to coerce Jews to convert has failed – and your false messiah is not amused so you seek out a new master…like harun yahya. Shrinks call that extremely low self-esteem seeking acceptance. And you’ll accept it from anyone who’ll pay you a compliment.

      Sad pathetic soul

  2. How does anyone believe such nonsense when all they have to do is look around them. Muslims are slaughtering infidels wherever they find them, and if they can’t find infidels, they slaughter each other. I have no problem with the latter of course. Separation is what the infidels should be pushing for. No more muslims in infidel countries. That way they can slaughter each other to Allah’s content and the infidels can be spared.

  3. I simply cannot understand the desire of some Jews and seemingly pro-Israel gentiles to portray every single Muslim as an enemy. Sinem Tezyapar and her mentor, Adnan Oktar, are being accused by radical Islamists as “Zionist agents”, but they have the courage and the love of truth to keep preaching against hatred and terrorism. In their vision, Jews have a divine right to live in the free Jewish State even after the coming of the Messiah, while many “Pro-Israel” Christians secretly wish to convert the Jews and believe that those who won’t will remain cursed. Yet many Jews have no problem to embrace the “Pro-Israel” evangelicals, while rejecting the positive Muslims. Why? Where is the logic behind this? We have very few friends in today’s world – so why make such efforts to “prove” that some of them are enemies? Even complete paranoids can have some brains!
    Mr. Oktar and Ms. Tezyapar are to be embraced and encouraged by all who love the truth, peace and the One God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

    1. When they refuse to accurately depict what their own belief system clearly advocates, I cannot place any trust in them whatsoever. It’s entirely irrelevant what Christians believe will happen in the end times, when they clearly are not actively trying to induce their end time scenarios. There is no Synagogue burnings, no murders no intimidation, no acts of violence on their part towards Jews anywhere, nor either advocating for such. We all have received people advocating their cause on our doorsteps, and after a polite ‘no thank you’, they’re off on their way. That’s how its done within a civil society. As for Sinem and like ilk, their ties to the AKP is yet another spike into their image as ”moderates”. Her and Adnan’s apologetics are indistinguishable from the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR’s.

    2. “….but they have the courage and the love of truth to keep preaching against hatred and terrorism…..”

      Great – but do they keep preaching against the hatred , terrorism and anti-semitism in that little green book of ignorance so many of their co-cultists hold so dear? That would be a good start don’t you think – nipping the problem in the bud where it starts.

      But, hey, wait, they’d be apostates then wouldn’t they? Not such a good idea a muslim country. Or even some western countries.

  4. Dear KGS –
    1) You claim: “When they refuse to accurately depict what their own belief system clearly advocates, I cannot place any trust in them whatsoever.”
    But Ms. Tezyapar does NOT define HER Islamic faith the way you understand it. She says very clearly that anyone who “is capable of killing innocent people without so much as blinking an eye, then they are murderers with no fear of God.”
    So – do you claim that YOU know better than HER what HER beliefs are? Would you like ME to tell YOU what your values are?

    2) Ms. Sinem Tezyapar and her mentor, Mr. Adnan Oktar, are not telling us what Islamist terrorists believe Islam to be, but what THEY believe Islam SHOULD be! They preach to Muslims all over the world to understand that their religion SHOULD promote love and peace, tolerance, democracy and acceptance of the Jews and Israel.
    Would you prefer them to stop this and join the terrorists?

    3) You also think that “It’s entirely irrelevant what Christians believe will happen in the end times”. Well, it may be irrelevant to you, but I am deeply disturbed as a Jew by these ugly hopes that some Christians hide in their hearts. History taught me to pay attention to evil ambitions of other people.

    4) Then you claim that in today’s Christian world “There is no Synagogue burnings, no murders no intimidation, no acts of violence on their part towards Jews anywhere, nor either advocating for such.”
    Really? I wonder if we live in the same world. Please Google for the list of anti-Semitic incidents carried out by people of Christian origin in Europe, North America and the rest of the “civilised world”.
    Then, please read about the rise of neo-Nazi movements and anti-Semitic political parties in France, Austria, Greece, Hungary and many other “civilised countries”. Please study their Christian roots.
    Of course, you would dismiss them as “a fanatic minority”, false Christians and “right wing thugs”, and you would be perfectly correct.
    But that’s exactly what Sinem and her mentor are claiming about Islamist terrorists.
    Why is your argument more legitimate than theirs?

    For me as a Jew, there is no difference if Jews are murdered by sick criminals who claim to be Muslims or Christians. There is also no difference between a friend who prays to God in a mosque or in a church. A friend is a friend and an enemy is an enemy.
    Call me simplistic, but I can still tell the difference between those who hate me for being Jewish and those who simply don’t.

    1. She’s bald faced lying. This isn’t about interpretation as you state, its either she doesn’t know what in the hell she’s talking about, or she’s being disingenuous, as well as her George Galloway look-alike, Adnan Oktar. period.

  5. This Ehud is a smelly troll and most likely a false flag operation, probably Adnan Oktar himself, or somebody writing on his behalf.

    Substance lacking, rejected!

  6. A double whammy:

    “They preach to Muslims all over the world to understand that their religion SHOULD promote love and peace, tolerance, democracy and acceptance of the Jews and Israel.
    Would you prefer them to stop this and join the terrorists?”

    Me thinks their message is directed towards gullible Jews and Christians, I don’t think there are any devout Muslims who give them the light of day.

    But you (Ehud) says “buy now, or else….”

    I don’t think you are a Jew, Ehud. You are a fraud!

  7. Interesting. My reply has not been published. Is this an error or an editorial policy?

    Here it is again:

    Dear “sheik yer’mami”,

    Unlike you and “KGS”, I am not a coward who hides under a false name. “Ehud” is not enough for you? Okay. Here is my full name and identity:
    My name is Ehud Tokatly, born in Israel on June 9th, 1953. My father’s family has lived in Jerusalem for seven generations and my mother and her mother both escaped from Germany in 1933. I am an Orthodox Jew, a Levite by tribe, and you can find my full address, phone number, picture, essays and biography through Google.
    Now, dear, who are the real you?

    I also differ from you in the fact that I do not lose my brain and good manners when people present me with rational arguments. I never curse and call people who happen to disagree with me things like “false frauds”, “smelly trolls” or ” bald faced lying”… My Jewish mom and dad taught me that cursing and attacking ad-hominem is a sure sign of being very low on logic, facts and civilised conduct.

    So, since you answered absolutely none of my arguments and instead, decided to throw a tantrum, repeating the same empty slogans, please allow me to discontinue this futile waste of my time with you.

    I will conclude with one humble observation, if you don’t mind: People who express views such as yours, are in my book simply agents of hatred. And my little book is probably not the only one – I believe that my values originate in the Good Book.

    Think about it.
    If you can.


    Ehud Tokatly
    Jerusalem, Israel.

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