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OIC peace-keeping forces needed

 Faisal Tahir Khan

Human civilization has reached to a point where people and nations have realized that wars, conflicts and aggression against each other will harm social development and with good intentions have formulated international laws and developed international organizations that can act as a watchdog in order to prevent circumstances that can escalate those conflict to a level that leads to human suffering.

In the past, wars were triggered for different reason, among them were religious ideologies, access to markets and trading routes, oil and gas reserves and its transit routes, global hegemony and so forth. At times logic or reasoning was bulldozed by political and military might of nations and left scars on the  sanctity of international law and many unanswered questions for the current and future generations.

It’s a fundamental right of every nation to fight for its legitimate rights and have a strong mechanism to defend its rights from those who intend to violate it preferably by diplomatic means and, if left no option then, as a last resort, show its muscles to achieve the goals that are needed to be  achieved. Unfortunately, in recent times we have witnessed Muslims killed brutally in some parts of the world and the international community has been complacent in saving their lives. Yes they may have shed a tear, but I doubt that if tears could have saved the child who was burned alive. The current global politics and international relations have been driving nations and communities to form groups and clusters of economic and military powerhouses to protect each other’s interest by scratching each other’s back when and where required.

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