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I know, I know, after the last batch of pictures it’s hard to take anything seriously, but here you go.

FBI pics of boston marathon suspects 19.4.2013

FBI Releases Images of Suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing

By AARON KATERSKY (@aaronkatersky) , PIERRE THOMAS (@PierreTABC) , BRIAN ROSS(@brianross) , MARTHA RADDATZ (@martharaddatz) , RHONDA SCHWARTZ and LEE FERRAN(@leeferran)
April 18, 2013

The FBI today released images of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing the bureau still considers to be “armed and extremely dangerous.”

At a press conference, FBI special agent in charge Richard DesLauriers referred to the two men as Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 and said Suspect 2 was spotted dropping a bag before a bomb exploded at the second bomb site. The two men appear to be “associated,” DesLauriers said.

DesLauriers asked the public for their help identifying the suspects, but asked the public not to approach them. Though the men are considered armed and dangerous, the FBI said they still do not believe there is an imminent danger in the area.

A few hours later, an FBI official cited a large volume of calls as a result of the photos and DesLauriers’ appeal for help.

A source close to the investigation told ABC News authorities have “good confidence” that the men in the photos perpetrated the crime. The degree of confidence, the source said, comes from a “revealing” reaction Suspect 2 had to the detonation of the first bomb, which was captured on surveillance video.

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  1. I’ve been closely following this story from the moment I heard about it and I’m still on the fence about who to believe is responsible for the attack.
    I watched a video on youtube where a man called Alex Jones shows evidence of a military style group who appear to be involved in the attack.
    In the video they all wear tan boots and pants and black tops, also wearing large backpacks ( which could of possibly contained the explosives ).
    None of the mainstream news even mention these people in the video and the guys in these pictures released by the FBI show no resemblence to any of them. This is the video of The Real Boston Marathon bombers.

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